Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cheer & Vote

Yesterday was Elyse's first 2 games to cheer. There were some of the squad that weren't allowed to cheer due to grades being below standard, so the girls who could cheered at 2 games. E'lyse said she was a little nervous and only forgot a little bit of one cheer but she had a good time. E'lyse has been in cheer before a couple years back and enjoyed it. I didn't go to the games but I made sure I got pictures when she got home. Excuse my son, Dallas, in the background of the pictures.

Make sure that if you haven't already to get out and

We can make a difference. Stand up for what you think is rights and use this opportunity to make it known.
Have a great day! I will be eagerly waiting to hear the election results. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

Nice Butt Dallas

Leisel said...

I'm surprized you actually took time to post today. I thought you said you'd be glued to the TV?
I did my job and voted early. Good luck tonight!