Thursday, November 13, 2008


First of all I would like to thank the Academy. I have always wanted to say that , Sorry! I received this award from Coco (Thank you!) at Get With It Mom.
It is a fun and informative blog. Of course she is my daughter so I can go on and on but I won't.
This is the first award I have gotten for my blog. I started this as a way to stay in touch with family and friends who I don't get to see often and it is a great way for them to see my kiddos. I love that now I can turn this in to a book if I want. And I think I want.
The way you play this game/award is you list 5 things down that you have always wanted to do.
1. Travel on a Heritage Softail Harley Davidson to Sturgis.
2. Go back to Alaska and experience winter there, go early enough to go hunting and fishing.
3. Go back to Pennsylvania and live.
4. Travel with the family to the church historical sites.
5. This is a tough one so I am adding one more. Take the family to Disneyland and some of the other fun things in California. Coco is the only one of the kiddos that has been there.
6. Last I would like to go to Ireland.
That is it. OK, now I need to pass this fun award on to three blogger friends. Stop by an visit them, say "hi" and congratulate them.
1. Leslie at My Country Home
2. Pretty Organizer at The Pretty Organizer
3. Niki at Blah, Blah, Blah, Blog
These are fun and talented ladies check out their blogs.
Off to work on Christmasing and Thanksgivinging! My 2 new words!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


nikkicrumpet said...

Thank you so much for the award...that is really nice of you!!! And I am going to steal your idea for the "joy" thingie...what a clever thing..and even I can handle it...well...I hope!!! Thanks for the inspiration and the's a TWO-FER!!!!

Pretty Organizer said...

Wow! I won an award? How nice! I'm going to tell all my chil'ns about this one. They just brought home progress reports ... this will be mine? Thank you so much! I have letters that I'm doing too!.. even the SAME letters! The foam background is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

Minharos said...

Funny you'd say that you'd like to live in PA! I'll be here for another week and a half and then it's back just in time for Thanksgiving. Congrats on your great blog!

heather said...

I have always wanted to ride on a Harley too! :)

Merrianne (Miss Pickle) said...

awesome tag and cool award!!!! :) i love your blog!!! thanks for coming to mine...come back soon! ♥

Coco said...

I really think you should have gone on about me.... geeze.


cool award! congrats!!!!