Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Giveaway, Monday and Sadness

First of all I know the reason you are reading this is due to the giveaway. I know I put baby giveaway it's not a baby this is being given away. If you go on over to Baby Snazz you can add your information to win a free pair of the adorable Baby Leg Warmers:
These are great for babies who are crawling or learning to. I had a couple pair for my kiddos and it keeps their little legs from getting dry and chafing. Too cute and great selection of colors & designs.
Today is Monday and a start of another week. Coco, Kyle and Talmage are suffering from colds. I am avoiding getting one and I will hit the Zicam . This stuff is AWESOME! Today I am going to work on things that need taken care of today and maybe a craft or two.
If we can keep in our prayers and thoughts a dear blogasphere friend who's husband has recently passed away. Becky is a sweet mom to 7 beautiful children. If you want to stop by and give your condolences to her and her family her blog is Seven Super Summers. I just found out yesterday after church and it broke my heart. It is amazing how you can grow close to people who you don't meet in person. This is one of the wonderful things of meeting others through their blogs.
Have a good Monday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Becky said...

Dear Bobbi Jo,

Thank you dear bloggy friend. My heart has been filled with the compassion and love from so many, you included. Duane is so deeply missed, but I cannot describe how comforting the atonement and the promise of eternal life with our loved ones has been. Thank you again.


Julie said...

Thank you for sharing these things. I hope your kids get to feeling better soon.