Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Gabby was doing much better with no breakouts this morning so she went to school. She had scratched herself so hard in her sleep that behind her poor little knees there are major scrapes and she said it hurts to bend her legs to far. I felt so bad for her it did look really painful. We put on some medicated anti itch lotion and it seemed to help.
The schools here in Arizona are having the AIMS testing starting today. I think they should have planned it state wide that when they have the students all ready to take the test the yell out APRIL FOOLS!! And don't make them take the test. I think it would be funny.
It's here again Whatcha Working on Wednesday . I have my needs and wants ready for today. I decided what I would do is work 20 min. then take a break and come back and work on that way throughout the day with every 3rd time I do something that is a want to do (craft project or something along those lines). Kind of a little game with myself. I have some major organizing to do all over the house. I am not happy with the way it runs so things need to be moved and improved, clutter thrown away or given away, with those things that I or the family just doesn't' love anymore. I also am working on this project that my daughter Coco had. She had this great idea (not sure if she came up with it on her own but I love it) to save space and have DVDs in an orderly fashion use a CD case and put all the movies in it and get rid of all the bulky cases. Movies that are a PG-13 Rating (these can only be watched by the 13 and above crowd with Mom and Dad's approval) will stay in our room. This is the bag of those cases
Dallas wanted the cases so I am taking out all the extra little flyer's and the picture part on the case like this. There are some of my favorite movies so I decided instead of throwing the covers away I am going to make a collage with them for my craft room.
This is the case for the family movies I then have one like this for the PG-13 and Christmas & Holiday movies. I also have one that is half this size with my exercise DVDs in. I think this is a great way to save space and keep things organized. Now what to do with all of those VHS movies that are taking up space?
I am all caught up on wash, kiddos are at school so it is time for me to bless my home and myself. I will be listening to Mindy Gledhill sing for a while, As A Man Thinketh book on CD and The Rush Limbaugh show throughout the day.
I also wanted to share a book I started yesterday called "The Jackrabbit Factor The Story" by Leslie Householder . You can get it as a free E-book download at the link. It is real good so far.
Well speaking of jackrabbits I am off like one to get to work. Have a great Wednesday. I will try and check in later. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


KNichols said...

That is a good improvement with the DVDs. We do the same thing and also have another one for CDs / computer software, etc. Great space saver!

Small House said...

Pretty busy. Sometimes when you work on projects like this, it will never end. Always glad when it organized and out of the way.

have a good day.

Jaclyn said...

Good luck with all you have planned for today :)

Kara and Todd said...

Kaylee's synchro team is having a yard sale fundraiser for their trip to nationals in Florida. If you are getting rid of stuff to DI or Goodwill, we would love it for the yard sale. Let me know and I will come get it!!

momstheword said...

Glad dear daughter is doing a bit better!

I love making games with myself and racing the timer. Sometimes that's the only way to get myself motivated around here, lol!

LillySue said...

So sorry to hear about daughters scratched up legs...My son's good friend has had eczema really bad since he was little. It had stunted his growth because he would have to scratch so much all night, he did not get enough good sleep to grow. He is growing out of it now.....(and growing taller finally!)
I so need to do something like that with our DVDs. It would be helpful with a move coming up. Thanks for the idea!
Blessings- LillySue

momstheword said...

That's what's so cool about the blogging world, you can find so many different blogs about areas you may be lacking in (like cooking or organizing or living frugally or whatever) and get good tips!

I love to read recipes (like yours), frugal blogs and organizatioal ones. As well as just ones about people talking about the Lord or their family life.

Hugs to you too and thanks for your sweet words.

The Blonde Duck said...

That's a good system!

Shellmo said...

Great idea for organizing those cds!