Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Was Magnetized

You heard right I was magnetized yesterday. Hubby and I had an opportunity to go watch a presentation of the NIKKEN Wellness Home products. It is a way of holistic healing done with magnets. For those of you who live in the valley of the sun -Arizona you can go check this out by calling Wendy Shelly at 480-266-4695. She doesn't put pressure on to buy just wants to spread the news of how to get healthy.
This was what I used with an explination of what it doesn, for probably 15 min. before the massage BIAXIAL MAGNETIC ROTATION

Energized from head to toe.

Nikken scientists achieved a breakthrough by reimagining the laws of the universe. They asked: What if a magnet, instead of a positive and negative pole, could act as if it had multiple poles, in every direction?

That was the beginning of Magnetic Biaxial Rotation. It’s literally revolutionary, using a patented rotation effect to produce a magnetic field that is dynamic rather than stationary. Nikken combined this with a soothing massage to help increase circulation, stimulate and help you relax. Try the Biaxial Body Energizer™ and the PowerMag™ — you’ll feel it!

We got a free massage that was done with magnatized products. We were also given the chance to try some of the different products. My knee actually felt better after the first thing I tried. Then durring my massage it was like my lungs were opend up and all of the sudden I could breath so much better. With the sinus infection it hasn't been so easy. I am trying the skin care products, True Elements, and will let you in on how they work out for me. I have majorly sensitive skin so I have to be very careful of what I use.
Let me back up to a little over 2 years ago Alan had hurt his ankle and was limping around for almost 6 weeks. He wasn't sure what had happened but it wasn't getting better with ice or heat. No insurance so no doctor visit. One of the guys he was working with mentioned trying out this magnetic thing. So he went over and gave it a try. Then about 3 days later he went and did it again and hasn't had a problem since.
The explaination of how the magnets work you can check this out HERE. It is an Eastern Medicine. As crazy as it sounds it has worked on many people. I guess I would compare it to acupunture minus the needles. Check it out for yourself.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Jaclyn said...

That's cool.

LillySue said...

Hmmmm~ Interesting.....I will have to check it out!

RhondaLue said...

hmmmm I'm intrigued!

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

Thansk for the sympathies on the loss of my Gizzy. He will always be missed but Rudy is helping me to deal w/ it.

Those Oreo cookie shakes are delicious!

Cherie said...

I have heard of these before! Sounds like you got the full demo with the massage and everything - Yahoo!