Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update, Home Making Monday and Menu Plan Monday

Warning!! This is a post from a scatter brained lady. The things you read will be out of order due to the way things just kept poping in my head as I was writing this.
My weekend was good. Considering that Friday night we were getting our dinner prepared for our date night. The kids were all at friends houses and just as Alan went out to lite the grill my cell phone rang. It was one of the mall cops calling to tell me my daughter,E'lyse was there and was being loud and obnoxious and needed to be picked up. I couldn't believe it, not that I didn't think my child would be that way but she was suppose to be at her friends house watching a movie. I asked if it was a joke, he said no. It turns out her and her friend decided to go to the mall even though Alan and I said no. I knew they were going to meet boys there and that isn't allowed. Sure enough I was right. We decided to let her sit on what her consequence would be for her stupidity for a day or so. I honestly was too mad to give her it that night. She would have had no privileges till she was 18. The first thing I did was to take the cell phone away from her. I know now her life is ruined. he he I just don't understand parents taking a teenagers word that her parents said she could go to the mall with the older sister and her boyfriend who are only 16. Why not give me a call to make sure it is alright? I guess I am odd that way I wouldn't do that, I know how teenagers can be.
We had a very long talk with her on Sunday and changes are underway for her. Still no cell phone and won't be one for a very long time.
On Saturday Alan built 1 of our garden planter boxes.
We obviously still need to fill with dirt and get the planting done. There is nothing like fresh tomatoes from your own vine.
Sunday was a good day. In Sacrament it was the Young Women s presentation . E'lyse gave a good talk. In fact all of the girls did a good job.
During our Sunday school time we went in and talked with our Bishop regarding Dallas' blow up last week. Dallas acts as if nothing happend but there are issues that need to be delt with for things to be more loving and comfortable feeling in our home. Bishop Kempton is truly an inspired man. He has so much love for the youth in our ward and he knows Dallas so well. He gave us some wonderful advice on dealing with Dallas and his fit last week. He helped us so much with his words of wisdom and guidance. So once again the winds of change are coming to this family with Dallas. I have such a great respect and love for our Bishop and all he does for our ward and the time he takes to listen and help. It is wonderful!

I don't want people thinking I have terrible kiddos they are normal. They occasionally make dumb decisions. As do I. I love them no matter what. My hubby and I are trying to raise them the way our Heavenly Father does with us. We don't always ask or listen and he lets us fall flat on our faces but always loves us no matter what. I do struggle with the parenting of teenagers. I just wish I could keep them under my wing and not let them get hurt or make major mistakes, I know that is not what I am suppose to do though. So I pray and listen to advice from other parent's, our Bishop and do what feels that would be best for them.

Homemaking Monday Tip:
Daily prayer and communication with our Father in Heaven can make things so much better. Like any relationship we need to keep the lines of communication open with him. He is there for us. He hears our prayers and loves each of us. Take the time it is so worth it.

Menu Plan Monday: (In no paticular order)
Kentucky Ham Hot Borwn
Sliced Cucumbers

Chicken Cordon Blue

Taco Mac Salad
Vanilla yogurt with Apple slices and grapes

Tater Tot Casserole
Five Cup Salad

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Tomato Soup
Orange slices

Date Night

Mash Potatoes/Gravy
Green Beans
To make my home sing today I am bringing in a spirit of happiness and full of positive attitude.
Being that today is my day for major home blessings I better get to work. Have a great day!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Blonde Duck said...

Considering what my sister pulled this weekend, your kids are angels!

Jaclyn said...

Don't worry, someday your kids will have teenagers and then they'll finally understand where you are coming from :)

momstheword said...

Wow. I totally agree about the parents. I always checked with the other parents to make sure we had their permission.

BTW, if you could put a link to the meme on your page I'd appreciate it! That way your readers can see what other people are posting.

You can either just do a regular link or use the MYHSM button on the lower left of my sidebar, the code is right there. Thank you my dear!

tnllunt said...

Wow Bobbi Jo I'm sorry to hear about rough times with your son. I have actually had some rough times with my Geoffrey this whole year. But I attended a women's conference in our Stake this Saturday and went to a class called "Being a Successful Parent when your kids aren't listening" They focused on the idea that a successful parent is not measured by what their children do, but rather how much they love their children and teach and care for them. You do your best and remember Heavenly Father hasn't given up His parental rights to any of us> He is there to help you and your kids, He loves us. I know I have spent many Sundays (and other days) crying over where I thought maybe I had failed with my son. But we can't give up, that's only when we fail is when we quit. I will pray for you too.