Thursday, April 23, 2009

Silly Kid

Yesterday when I took E'lyse shopping Alan had called me to see when I would get home. I had just got to the second store and he was working on the watering system for the garden and needed something so he took Gabby with him since she was home from school. They stopped to get a drink and she started coughing and the clerk said that the Icee should help with that cough. Alan said," Yes and I think some chicken nuggets from McDonald's would help too." Gabby looks up at him and says,"Mom said we can't have McDonald's". She looks down then back up again quickly with her eyes wide and says,"But, we don't have to tell her!" Stinker! She didn't get McDonald's. You may ask why. I was watching a You Tube video and the guy that filmed the movie," Super Size Me" did an experiment with some of McDonald's food. He placed certain items seperatly into glass jars with lids. The kind that they use to have in 5 and dime stores with candy in them. Anyway so he put in some of McD's and then a burger and fries from a street vendor. This is all in New York City. After 10 weeks the McD's fries still looked fresh. That just made me sick to think of what that is doing to our bodies.
If you like McDonalds that is fine I am just telling you why I will no longer eat there or take my kiddos there. PLEASE! Don't write me nasty comments for my opinion as I said it is MY opinion and decision.
I am tempted to do this with other fast food resturants and see how long it takes them.
I can't believe it is Thursday. I am feeling a little scattered and need to get back to the routine. Being gone most of Tuesday and Wednesday threw me off. Gabby is still home with a cough and slite fever off and on. I think she likes being home. So for today I have wash to do, kiddos to take care of and some cleaning off the front porch. Off to get my jobs done. Have a great day!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Small House said...

HEY...I'm with you regarding McDonalds. I just don't like the food.

You have a cute girl!

have a good day.

RhondaLue said...

well, I'm with you too! It's bad! (most fast food IS though). We do eat it..maybe once a year and its a drive thru when we're on vacation.

Connie said...

Well, ya read my fiasco at McD's last week but I can't give up their Big Macs, sweetpea! I eat one about twice a year and just love them. Uuuuuh, but our local McD's is cleaner than the one we stopped at to use the facilities. Maybe that's what's keeping my body lookin' so you....the face anyway! LOL I'm with ya on it though; if ya don't like a place then of course, don't eat there, honey!

Scrappy Girl said...

I thought the Super Size Me thing was so interesting...I also got hooked watching Micheal Moore's one about healthcare...I think it was called Sicko?

Cass @ That Old House said...

My grandmother lived to nearly 100, and I think it may be because she never ate a bit of junk food in her life.

That said, my sister has a theory -- if preservatives can keep bologna looking fresh for way past its normal lifespan, maybe we should all be loading up on the preservatives ourselves!

(Yes, she's kidding. I think...)

momstheword said...

I ate lunch there today, lol!!! I hope your precious daughter feels better, poor little thing!

Yeah, what's up with fairy tales killing off the moms????

MyJourneyBack said...

I have to agree it tastes good but makes you wonder. My cowboy accidentally did an experiment tossed and uneaten burger in trash but it didn't make it to the trash long story short a few days latter the ants hadn't eaten it. hmmm.
Have a great weekend stick to the home cookin! Smiles s.

Janice said...

Yes, McDonald's is gross, but we eat there because we live in the middle of somewhere out there in Utah. I was reading some of your older posts and enjoyed them.
I want to check out the blog that gives a question for the week.
Thanks, Have a great day!!

JackandJaneyNichols said...

I use to tell my kids that MCdonald's is dog food....simply because I didn't like it. Then in one of Jill's classes in school during her senior year, they showed that movie, supersize me, and Jill was so grossed out, she wouldn't eat any hamburger or fries from any place for a long long time. Its' an interesting story. But Gabby's comment is funny, made me laugh.

miss said...

I try not to think about most stuff we eat. I would say most processed food, a lot of it is these days, is not good for us. I love summer and fall for the fresh garden food.

nikkicrumpet said...

OOOOOOH I guess I should read the post from earliest to latest instead of backwards lol. Ignore my fry question on your latest post hehehe.