Sunday, April 26, 2009

Making Your Home Sing Monday

For this week to make my home sing of course I will do my Monday home blessings. I am going to work on a uplifting attitude. You know the saying,"If momma aint happy aint nobody happy." It is so true. I will keep a great attitude no matter what faces me this week . A smile on my face and positive thoughts. As I say this I know I will be challenged on this but this is okay. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


momstheword said...

I will be right there with you trying to keep a positive attitude and a smile on my face too!!!

Having a positive attitude really does make the work easier, doesn't it?

Thank you for joining us today!

Organizing Mommy said...

I like the idea also. I'll just work on it with you. Thanks.

Scrappy Girl said...

I think that saying is so the heart of our homes we play a huge part in the atmosphere/mood.

Small House said...

Oh my word, I can't believe how much I've missed. Your shopping trip was a lucky duck day. Good grief, wait to go. And I love your garden! It's probably quite easy to maintain.

Dang...I would have loved lunch at your house yesterday.

Good luck this week keeping positive. You can do it. do have teenagers though. OHHHHHH, you can still do it.
Have a great day.

Erin said...

Sayings come about for a reason. We definitely determine the mood of our homes. If you've decided to be happy, the family will be happy. It is just that simple. Obviously, you will have a terrific week!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your site! Focusing on the positive takes practice, doesn't it? But we can do it!!! You are not alone today! =)

LillySue said...

Bobby Jo~
I had some catching up to do here...Sorry to hear ya'all have been sick. We are battling the allergy/sinus crud too. I NEED to get me a nettie pot. I use my saline spray though! Wow-your shopping trip blew me away!! Starting this summer, my income will be greatly less and I need to do like you do! I also wanted to need to get OFF that old bad Diet Coke. You might as well open up a bottle of windex and drink it(I used to LOVE Cherry Coke...Haven't had one in over a year). When you put the Diet Coke in, your body switches to "oh, no....a toxic chemical we have to remove!!" and the energy it would normally use to fuel your immune system, etc...goes to process it. I try to remember to only put stuff God gave us to consume in me and my family. No artificial color, flavor or preservatives (check your Tampico label). We also avoid corn syrup and any hydrogenated fats. We want to be cheerful and positive but it is hard when our bodies are working overtime to process the junk we put in them. Good for you with the McDonalds. We have a habit of avoiding fast food for long stretches at a time and then eating something at McD's etc..which reminds us why we never eat fast food, heehee! Have a great Monday!

Cherie said...

Great thoughts BJ! I feel really happy and uplifted today - It is great to keep a positive attitude :D



Janice said...

Good luck with keeping a good attitude. Every time I say I want more love for my family, I get tested big time. I've learned to just let it be, and not say anything.
Good luck and enjoy the rest of your day!!