Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Deals, Fries, Temple and Month Cooking

 I woke this morning feel a little better I think I have a sinus infection and starting of a cold, but I am much better than yesterday.
This morning Coco, Talmage and I went to Fry's with coupons in hand and ready to get deals.
This is what I got for $31.79.
There are 5 four roll pack of toilet paper (FREE), 4 Rice Quakes (Free), Milk was .99 cents limit 2, Tampico drinks $1.00 Capri Suns 5 of them, I got for .77 each with my coupons, McCormick sesoning 3 of them (FREE), 10 peanut butter enough for at least 2 months and finished off my year supply of shampoo & condiditioner for the girls. I had to do 2 transactions so I saved $33.77 on the first one with a 79% savings and on the second one I saved $68.42 with a savings of 76%. I was really happy with what I got. I am still learning.
 We then went to Superstition Ranch Market for veggies and fruit. I spent $25.27. We were out of all of our fresh veggies and fruit. If it isn't around I tend to snack on junk snacks.  We usually have 2 veggies at dinner every night so we do eat a lot of veggies. They had black berries and strawberries. Oh they smell so yummy I can't wait to eat some. 
After this we went to the Holsum Backery Inc. Outlet. I got all the bread for the week for $18.75. I am going to start making my own bread again to save on that money there. With lunches for 6 people every day we go through a lot of bread. The bread there is really good and great price. They have the 9 Grain for $1.69 a loaf that is normally around $4. I know it is better for us and fills us up with good nutrition instead of just yucky fillers.

I am doing my own experiment with Burger King fries. These were bought and picture was taken on Friday April 24, 2009. The first picture is of them wrapped up in the napkin after I took them out of the container. They are kind of greasy but not to bad. They will be kept in this same napkin as I do my experiment. I will be taking pictures and keeping you updated on them. 
 Today I an exciting day for my niece and her family they are being sealed as a family in the Washington D.C. Temple
This is the closest one to where they live in Pennsylvania. I am so happy for  you Savannah, Jess, Pantera and Zeke.
Today has been buys since we got home Coco and I emptied out my freezer. I am going to make a list of what all we have in there and make dinner off of it. I plan on doing a one month cooking like I use to do. With starting a new business and summer coming I want all the time I can get and not be raising the electric bill along with heating up the house.
Hope you all have a great Saturday evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Janel said...

That is great!! I got all of that this week except the Sunny D I got at Bashas last week for .50 but the capri sun was sold out when I was there. I need to go back tonight and get that! I am loving getting so much food for such amazing deals. It is worth all the planning.

So now SPILL IT and tell us what your new business is!! Inquiring minds must know!! :D

Scrappy Girl said...

Great fun!

nikkicrumpet said...

ok I must be missing something with the fry experiment??? And congrats to your niece...what a glorious day for her and her family!

Jaclyn said...

Good job with the deals!

Connie said...

That truly is exciting for your family, honey. Did you hear about the new G.I.V.E. "O" is promoting and has passed the house of reps?!?! You cannot serve a church or even clean one or go on a mission if you join and ask for federal student loans! I'm astounded but you really need to read about it:


Connie said...

Well, crud, that isn't clickable. But if you are interested in the link, email me and I'll send it to you.

Cherie said...

The french fry experiment is a crack up - Can't wait to see how it turns out.
You cleaned up this week at Fry's!

Good Job :D

Hope you feel better soon!

Ann said...

How do you do this?!?!? I want to learn!! I have never been able to get anything free!! Please - teach me! :-)