Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking Up

As I woke up this morning with what felt like a pencil being shoved into my right ear, I have another ear infection. I got up and got lunches finished up, kiddos off to school and I just couldn't stay awake. Hubby and I were to go to the Temple this morning but I couldn't stay awake. I am one of those people when I have an infection my body just wants to sleep. So I listened to my body and went back to bed a little after 8 and woke at my phone ringing at 11:45. Told you I was sleepy. I feel a little better, still sleepy and not a ball of energy but I did manage to get my hair done and dressed. With all the work I got completed on Monday I have been left with just quick home blessings this week. Things are starting to look up regardless of my ear ache!
A while back I had a dream (literally) that hubby and I had our own business. The only problem was that hubby wasn't interested and I didn't know what kind of business. This was about 2 years ago. Well he is thinking more and more about being his own boss and starting up a business. He has been in deep thought about it too. We were eating lunch together and he started talking about what part if any I wanted to play in this and we came up with some great ideas. Now we have to take it to the Lord to see if this is what we are suppose to do. The type of businesses my hubby wants to do, he is great at and I feel could be very good for him and our family. We will see what comes with it.
I was reading an article on Spring cleaning that has to do with health and I loved it so I wanted to share them with you I will also be sharing them on my Health blog. I think these are wonderful.



Show of hands:

How many of you had a New Year’s Resolution to exercise more? hand is in the air.

How many of you have fallen short of that goal or abandoned it all together? hand is in the air.

Yes; professional personal trainers get a little off track and have to set fitness and weight-loss goals, and yes; even trainers get caught up in the day to day of life and have a little trouble sticking to our fitness resolutions.

2009 got off to a bumpy start for many of us so I say it’s time to PRESS RESET!

Spring is a time of re-birth…out with the old, in with the new…spring-cleaning…whatever cliché you want to use applies.

PRESS RESET on not only your resolution, but also the way you approach fitness altogether. Stop thinking of ways to exercise and think of ways to move. Every little bit helps-even the fun stuff! Clean out those negative connotations of fitness as a chore.

Some people need the solitude of dedicated time to walk, run, dance, meditate, hike, swim, etc on their own. For those of you who don’t have the inclination or perhaps just don’t have the time to be away from your family play tag with your children, go bowling, look up a walking tour of your city that a tourist would enjoy and explore your city as if you were visiting for the first time.

The same way that every forkful of food or ‘I’ll just have 1 bite’ can add up to extra pounds, every minute you spend moving your body adds up to a fitter, trimmer, healthier you.

The chill of winter is now gone..


The chill of winter is now gone and spring is upon us. The days are getting longer and it is the perfect time of year to "unpack" and "stretch out".

By "unpacking" I mean taking a look at those issues that you may have been holding onto all winter, and consciously deciding whether to keep them or let go of them. Spring is a time for new things and shedding old grudges, old promises or old hurts may help you to feel much lighter.

I use the term "stretching out" to refer to doing things outside of your comfort zone. This means trying something new; an activity you've always wanted to participate in or a piece of clothing you never had the guts to wear. Spring is the perfect time of year to 'try on' a fresh, positive and hopeful outlook.

Weight loss can be extremely difficult. If you can start off by feeling a little lighter by "unpacking" and "stretching out" you have already jump-started the process.

Deborah Vineberg, Psy.D.

And last but not least:



It has been a rough winter with cold temperatures and a frigid economy, but little by little, things are beginning to turn around! Individuals are beginning to purchase again, banks are starting to lend and homes are being built - we are even starting to hear faint whispers of companies hiring again. Trust me, things are still tough - I have seven good friends out of work each with 3 - 5 children - and many of the patients that I am seeing daily in my medical offices are requiring intensive counseling to deal with their financial and familial stressors.

Life stressors often push fitness and nutrition to the side. But why do we do this to ourselves? The weight battle often results in feelings of helplessness and depression - which is the last thing we need right now! In tough times, we need to recognize that there is nothing more important than our health; Without it, we're in trouble. So pick yourself right up and get outside and exercise, go meet with your nutritionist or your doctor, and get back on the path to success and healthy living. And don't forget to log your progress in our Facebook application.

For the record, about three months ago, I got tired of telling patients to exercise without doing it consistently myself. I was tired of feeling bloated and being out of shape - it had been a year since I last exercised - I started slow walking a mile or two every other day and am now walking/running 5 - 6 miles four times a week! Over and over when I "prescribe" exercise, I hear that "I have no time." One thought on this point - Once you get into a rhythm of exercise and healthy eating you will make sure to find time because of how good you'll feel. Amazingly you'll be more energized and will require less sleep - you'll feel less sluggish and all of a sudden there will be time you did not know you had. Not to mention, better interpersonal relationships, more confidence and a brighter outlook on life!

Doron Katz, MD

Have a wonderful Friday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Jaclyn said...

Hope everything works out for you guys!

Just me~ Bobbie Jo said...

WOW sounds like a lot to be praying about. Good luck. Feel better!

LillySue said...

Wow~ You hit the nail on the head with your Reset message! This year I am hitting the Reset on my WHOLE life. I am 45 (will actually be 46 in August). I decided to quit being a watcher and start being a doer! So...I am going to post about this soon...I have arranged a mountain climbing trip with a fitness trainer/physical therapist as the guide. When I started mentioning this to some other middle age gal friends..EVERYONE wanted to come too. I guess I am not the only one who whats to LIVE and not just exist. I hope you and Hubby find something you both can enjoy working at together! Yeay for you!

LillySue said...

Whoops...thats "WANTS to live", heehee! XXX~LillySue