Thursday, April 9, 2009

5 Things

I know what you are thinking. First I am not to be found in blog land and then 3 times in one day. I was tagged by my sweet niece Angela . So here are my 5 Things

5 Things I was doing 5 years ago:

1. Being a mom to my 5 children.
2. Setting up house in Queen Creek
3. Worrying about turning 40
4. Being amazed at the number of people moving to Queen Creek
5. Being amazed at how many times they split a ward and having 13 baby blessings on a Fast Sunday.

5 Things on my list to do today:

1. Make dinner
2. Feed dogs
3. Do another load of wash
4. Make list for coupons
5. Walk

5 Things I would do with a million dollars:

1. Pay off bills and debts
2. Buy a house somewhere cooler like Pinetop or Utah
3. Start a business with Alan
4. Move my parents to a nice retirement community
5. Put money away for missions, college and weddings.

5 Places I've lived:

1. Pennsylvania
2. Buckeye, Arizona
3. Las Vegas
4. Lakeside, Arizona
5. Queen Creek, Arizona

5 Jobs I've held:

1. Waitress
4.Physical Therapist
5.Teacher for Chapter-1

5 Things I want to be doing in 5 years:

1. Welcoming Dallas home from a mission
2. Watching E'lyse graduate from high school
3. Welcoming more grand babies to the family
4. Watching my children progress and love life as the grow up
5. Be a happy loving wife, mother, grandmother that is still full of joy for life and laugh a lot

5 People I tag:

1. Coco
2. Meredith
3. Savannah
4. Jaclyn
5. Janey

Have a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Jaclyn said...
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Jaclyn said...

Thanks for tagging me! Now I have something to blog about :)

Janice said...

That was a fun tag. I enjoyed reading the answers. I really would like to try making the yogurt and smoothie recipe. THanks for the idea. Have a great night!!

Elizabeth said...

I always enjoy learning about people through these memes.

I'm trying to visit all of my Followers this week. Some people are getting an error message "stack overflow" when they visit my blog, and others. If this happens, you can just empty your Temp or Temp Internet folder. Or try using Firefox as your browser. It is a quirk of Blogger and Internet Explorer that sometimes happens. I'm hoping this works out and you'll continue to visit!

LillySue said...

What great lists. It's always fun to get to know someone a little better!
Happy Easter Blessigs~LillySue