Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hives, Today and Picture

I appreciate the well wishes for Gabby and her friendly little hives. These crazy things are getting better but not going away completely. There were a couple things out of the norm that she did or drank before the hives came around. She was at a friends house and wore a pair of her pj's and blankets. I was also informed that she drank tons of pink lemonade. If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Alan ground oatmeal for an oatmeal bath and that seems to help along with the Benadryl (sp?).
E'lyse had an uneventful day at school. Yeah!
I didn't get my list done. Hubby and I did a bunch of talking and more talking so it was a fun day.
Since the beginning of the school year I have wanted to get a picture of Dallas in his turnouts for the EVIT training for Fire Science (fire fighting) he would never let me take some. So today I am looking around my file on my computer and I found some pictures to share.
I really like this one.
After fighting fire.
Dallas and buds. He is the one with the beard at 16!!
Flames must have been bright. he he
This last one I just like. He is wearing my dew rag
Have a great evening! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The American Homemaker said...

I have a daughter with LOTS of allergies, so we know hives well!

And fun firefighting pics. I was a firefighter's wife for a long time, so although I always talk about how dumb they are to my friends, I have a total respect for the job that they do.

Jaclyn said...

Dallas is looking good as a fireman :)