Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I am very late checking in on this Whatcha Working on Wednesday. I have been doing the usual home blessings (chores) and went to get the deals at Fry's this morning. I bought these
The steaks are for a date night. Yeah love cheap date nights!! Ant I bought these
And these.
Woo Hoo pasta and toilet paper. What more could a gal want?
I got these so I can a be one of the coolest grandmas in the world to my little grandson! he he
The total came to $353.44. I had $41.53 in coupons, and the store card savings and some VIP card savings the total of coupons came to $160.31 so I ended spending $193.13 on the groceries . I have enough, Q-tips, pickles, deodorant and pasta now for the rest of the year then some. I had coupons that needed filed and other items to take care of this afternoon.
Dallas has been working on a TV stand for a free TV he got last night I have gone out to help hold and cut wood throughout the day when I was here . The picture on it is great and he loves having a bigger TV in his room. LOL (Thanks again Janel!)
So off I go to keep myself busy.
Hope you all have a great afternoon. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Kristina P. said...

If I ever get laid off, I am coming to you for grocery advice.

Jaclyn said...


Leann said...

Holy Mackrel! You are impressivE