Saturday, March 21, 2009

Date And Things

Blond Duck I think Rubber Chicken has a relative that just showed up at my house today! If you want a good read go check out A Duck In Her Pound she is a great writer.
Last night when hubby who I now affectionately call "ROY" due to Quigley Down Under move he watched the other night. Too long of a story to tell if you see the movie you will understand. Anyway he brought me home these They are called Alstroemeria. I call them pretty! He knows how I love the beauty of flowers. I am so blessed to have him in my life. We had a fun date night other than he has been fighting a nasty cold.
Yesterday afternoon when Coco was here Talmage was getting a little fussy so I tried giving him a bottle and he drank a little then tried to throw it. So I laid him like a little baby in my arms and started to rock the sweet little man. He was doing almost a humming noise with every rock foreword and after about 15 rocks he was out. This was after he was laid down on my couch.
It is amazing how much fun a person can get out of watching a little one sleep. But to this day if I find one of my kiddos laying on the couch asleep I will just watch them for a while and I think of how wonderful these people are and how much I love each and everyone of them.
My hubby has a major addiction and it is these: They are called as you can see NIPS. At night when we are watching our favorite show to watch and laugh at "Frasier", he reaches over to his night stand and grabs one and makes a noisy sucking noise to make me laugh. He is a nut! His favorite of these are Butter Rum he will do almost anything for them.
Last but not least the little girls, Coco and Talmage and I went to Hobby Lobby and The Dollar Store today. I found this great sign for half off
It reminded me of the movie "Chocolat" with Johnny Depp
I love this movie!
Well off to get dinner going. Coco, Kyle and Talmage are coming over for dinner tonight.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


LillySue said...

Aaawwww- I L*O*V*E to rock babies. The youngest daycare kiddo I have now just turned 1 last week. He isn't so much into rocking unless it's with his mama while breast feeding. I do think my 14yr old Jesse would let me rock him if I would. He is only about an inch shorter than me, so I think we are closer to him rocking me now! That is a great sign you found. Holly and I just watched that movie not too long ago. I want to buy the DVD to add to our chick-flick collection. Johnny Depp is a favorite, although Viggo Mortensen and Gerard Butler are tops in my book. Have a great Sunday and thanks for putting my name and link on your award!
Blessings- LillySue

Anonymous said...

I like the rubber chicken! Thanks so much for the link to Have a great week!

Homemaker Barbi (Danelle Ice)

Jaclyn said...

Chocolat is a favorite movie of mine, too. And I agree with your friend LillySue; I also like Viggo Mortensen and Gerad Butler along with many others :)

David really likes Werthers :)

Scrappy Girl said...

You can't go wrong with an item that makes you think of Johnny Depp....btw I am sending Dr. Hubby over to see "Roy" for romance lessons.

JackandJaneyNichols said...

Talmage looks really sweet there, very cute. And I love those flowers! Alan is a super guy! (must be related to my super guy....) I do dig the chocolate sign, you have good taste in your purchases! xoxo