Monday, March 2, 2009

2 Awards

Much to my surprise as I got on my blog this morning to catch up on what I have missed all weekend I found out that sweet Janice at One Day at a Time has given me two wonderful awards. The first is the Lemonade award. When I first read this I thought maybe it was a not so flattering award that maybe my RANTS were just sour. he he Then I read what it was for. Janice made some lemonade for herself, put her feet up and enjoyed drinking while she worked on her posts. I think I am going to follow her lead and make some strawberry lemonade to read posts.
The second award is Star Commenter. Janice thank you for your sweet comment about me on this one. I am suppose to be a blog stalker but I always leave comments. he he Thank you so much Janice for these wonderful awards.
Now I get the privilege of passing on these awards to a few of my blogging friends that I enjoy visiting. I don't want anyone to get hurt feelings about not getting one of these from me. There are so many wonderful bloggers that deserve these. Here are those that I pass this on to.

I have to give the star Commenter and the Lemonade Award to:
Coco at The Lucas Gang She is not only my daughter but a wonderful person and friend. She leaves me fun comments and makes me laugh.

Savannah at More Ham and Cheese Please!!! for both awards also. She always leaves the nicest comments for me and a very fun blog to read.

Meredith at The Hammond Zoo for the Lemonade Award (She doesn't comment much on my blog). She has a fun blog and I enjoy reading it. She is living my life but with boys!

Risa at Diva In the Midwest for both awards. She is a sweet gal who is always uplifting with her comments and thoughts on her posts.

Connie at Living Beautifully for both awards. She is a lovely lady that always brightens my day.

Janel at Janellybellys World for both awards. She is my mentor for my weight loss journey and leaves me uplifting comments.

Last but certainly not least Janice at One Day at a Time . I know she was the one who gave this to me but she is such a sweetheart. I wish I could have met her before she moved away. I think we could have been very close friends. So we will just be blogging friends.
Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Janice said...

You are very kind. Thanks for that kind comment. I know I would have liked to have met you also before I moved. I really need to email you so we can visit a little more. Have a wonderful day!!