Friday, March 13, 2009

Answer And A Surprise

I had a few people ask where Alan took the girls up fishing on Wednesday. It was Saguaro Lake. They had gone to the river first but no good spots to fish at so they went to the lake.
Since I didn't go get our mail yesterday I went to get my mail this morning on my way to run errands and look what was in my mail box
I love it when I get surprises in the mail. I knew I didn't order anything. This is what I got
A cute little burlap sack with drawstring, a little craft idea booklet and some wonderful scissors. Oh my goodness they cut sweet! On the box it says "Congratulations! You are Fiskateer No. 4191". I am a Fiskateer and get wonderful craft ideas and now this. You can visit this site Fiskateers to sign up. You know the wonderful company Fiskars that makes all the great funky design edged scissors? That is the one that has the Fiskateers. Now let's all sing using the Mickey Mouse tune- FIS- KAT-EER.......S, Fiskateers, Okay enough. I was just so thrilled with my prize. WHOOP!! What crafter wouldn't love new, sharp and fun colored scissors.
Working on plans for next week, I will share these on a later post. I am so ready for the weekend. Alan and Dallas are going up to the girls camp-Camp Laymia, to get things in working order for this summer tomorrow. E'lyse is at a sleep over for her Birthday that is this Sunday. It is date night for Alan and I.
I am not sure what fun I will have tomorrow, guess I will have to wait and see.
Check in for Pink Saturday when I will show a mentioned item earlier this week. Have a wonderful Friday night. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Jaclyn said...

It is fun to get surprises in the mail! Have fun on your date tonight!

Janice said...

That would be fun to have a surprise in the mail. I never did go see Saguaro Lake. It looks pretty from your pictures. What are you doing with your husband? My husband and I are going out to eat for dinner. HAVE FUN!!

merrianne said...

i love that lake :)
spencer and i went on a triple date there one time..... romantic.

i love good mail like that! i wish i got more of it!!!!

Susan said...

I might not be able to get back by to heck for pink post ~Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan