Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday E'lyse- 13 yrs. Old

Today is our third child's birthday E'lyse Naomi. She is 13 years old. WOW!! Time has flown with this little girl. She has always had a big heart and when she isn't in her deep thinking she has a smile on her face.
This is just a small glimpse into her growing up
Love that face!! She loved to pose for a picture and still does. She had a great thing for pacifiers She sucked her pacifier upside down. When you put it in the right way she could flip it inside her mouth with her tongue. When I was a young woman's leader the girls would ask me to do it. It was very entertaining and what a talent. he he
This is her kindergarten picture. 1st Grade.
E'lyse as Snow White and the 6 "Dorks" as she called them. We never found Grumpy!

Enjoying crafting at Michael's.
Kiddos on Pajama Day at home. Left to right Faith, E'lyse, Dallas, Coco and Gabby.
Baptism Day! E'lyse and Alan. E'lyse was very excited for this day.
In the van from the Baptism.
E'lyse at her first game to cheer
Told you she loved the camera.
E'lyse hugging her Daddy Dad loves this!
Something surprised her As she always surprises us.
She has always been a good nurse. (Don't hate me Coco) Coco had just had her wisdom teeth pulled and E'lyse helped to hold ice on her mouth.
She has always loved animals, especially dogs. This was at a rodeo in the petting zoo area.
Sure she get's annoyed now and then But don't we all?
But we love her and are so glad to have been blessed with this wonderful, beautiful and sweet daughter in our family.
E'lyse concentrating on the computer screen.
She has a lot of energy and silliness yet a caring heart. We love that kind of spirit in our home. This is E'lyse this morning goofing off in the craft/food storage room.
We love you E'lyse and pray for all the greatness in the world that you deserve. Keep your standards high and dreams alive. Love, Mom


Kara and Todd said...

Elyse...happy Birthday. Hope it is a great one for you!

The Lucas Gang said...



I cant believe you put that picture on....

Happy Birthday Dee Dee

Janice said...

How exciting. Birthdays are fun.
I hope the day is nice for Elyse.

Ham N Cheese said...

Happy birthday Elyse!!!

Jaclyn said...

Happy Birthday! You probably hear it a lot now but I can't believe how much you look like Coco :)

Coco said...

Bahaha tell Elyse that people thinks she looks like me due to he wisdom teeth picture. LOL

Small House said...

What a cute daughter. Ya know, I have a 14 year old son. Maybe in 8 years...she'll be at BYU, and he'll be home from his mission and attending BYU.

Have a good day.