Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Part 1 Review of New Food Storage Product

I was sent an email from the wonderful people from Shelf Reliance. The ones who make the wonderful can rotation Cansolidator. They asked if I would be interested in trying out a new food line called THRIVE. Continually working on my food storage, 3 month supply and Emergency Preparedness kits I was very excited about this so of course I said YES! . So a few days later I received these in the mail. Aren't these great looking pouches?
First of all on the wonderful idea that THRIVE has is to color code the labels on the food containers. Grains are peach colored, vegetables green, fruits pink, dairy blue, meat and beans pale purple and basics yellow. What a clever idea! Better yet the prices are great!! You can check out all the items that are available at Shelf This way if you don't have a Cansolidator it is still easy to keep an organized pantry and keep easy inventory of your year supply. I received Butter Powder, Whole Eggs, White Sugar, Freeze Dried Strawberry, Raspberries, and White Flour.
It is so smart to have food storage in our homes. You very rarely run out of an item and the shelf life is amazing. It is like having a store in our home. Start slow and build upon it! Shelf Reliance has a great program to calculate how much you need for your individual family and the cost of the products to achieve this goal.
These pouches are labeled just like the cans. Easy color coded label This is the butter powder. It is marked as a basic on the white strip that is on the right side of the front of the pouch. This pouch is 6.7 oz. On the back all the THRIVE products have Nutrition information There is a suggestion of storage amount , rotation and usage information. Then on the right side of the label there is a recipe to use the product in . I am going to give this one for Chocolate Chip Cookies a try. One more thing the pouches are resealable. You cut or tear off the top part
Like this and use what you need then you can reseal it. There is a pinch type closing on the inside of the bag that looks like this
You can then
store it back on your shelf This Butter Powder smell very rich and has an almost fresh milk cream smell to it.
These pouches would be great to have for camping. They are small enough and would store easily in a box. You would have your basics without worrying about a container to put it in, the pouches are tough and wouldn't rip easily.
So throughout this week I will be trying different recipes with the products and giving you an update on how they are working out. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Jaclyn said...

How cool! Hope they are good!

Ang said...

yeah- i love new food storage ideas. Definitely keep us posted on how good the quality is. I was so sad to learn recently that "canning" butter is really not safe, so the idea of powdered butter appeals to me. Keep us posted!

tammy said...

Interesting...please do let us know how you like them!

foodstr2 said...

This is a nice idea with one MAJOR problem: Rodents.

They'll chew right through the Mylar bags. (I've had it happen.)

In *theory* they can't smell the food inside Mylar. In reality, there's food odor that clings to the *outside* of the bag, and lets rodents know "there's food in there".

If you go this route, store the bags in a metal trash can or some other rodent-proof container.


Connie said...

I have their storage can containers so how do I get on their mailing list to try the food storage packets, honey?!?! I'd love to.