Monday, March 23, 2009

FHE on Sunday Night and Monday Night

Sunday night Coco, Kyle and Talmage came over to have Family Home Evening. Coco and Kyle brought over their WII. We did a lot of laughing for a couple of hours. This is the family portrait.
Okay it is just some of us. Dallas is the one in the green shirt upper right. Looks just like him. he he
Kyle and Gabby boxed. Talmage cheered everyone on.
Faith and Gabby did yoga for a while. Talmage had fun trying to join in with his own little WII run while his mom & dad ran against each other.
crawling over Dad gum (Alan) . I think he tired grandpa out though. Soon after this Dad gum (aka Grandpa, Alan) fell asleep and Coco decided it would be fun to paint her Dad's fingernails. She only did the left hand, but it was really too creepy for my sweetie to have my pink nail polish on his hand. Talmage thought this was just wrong in every way.
Talmage was worn out from all the action and fell asleep in my arms. I put him on a pillow on the floor and he slept till it was time to go home.
After we got done playing we had treats. I made these brownies with walnuts. The left side was left for the two kiddos that don't like nuts in theirs.
Coco and Kyle asked if I would watch Talmage while they went on a date. The girls danced and sang to entertain Talmage. He came to me and wanted up so we danced around the living room too. He looks like his is thinking we are all nuts! And he is right but we have fun.
When it was time to wined down we watched Elmo. This is Gabby holding Talmage Then Gabby was pretending to cut his hair. He loves his hair to be played with. He grew tired of that an went off to play with his toys.
My dog who is an older dog Nellie loves to just observe Talmage just stayed at the side watching us play. She is an Australian Shepard /Border Collie. She is also the other Queen of the house and she loves her belly rubbed.
She is such a good dog.
So that was my Sunday and Monday night. They have fun! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Ham N Cheese said...

I miss Nellie. IF you blow into her snout she snaps at you, and one time she stole my sandwich off of the counter...she was the best dog!

Jaclyn said...

What a fun night. I love the wii! And the brownies look like my family's...Josh and Jared don't do nuts :)

Small House said...

What a great night!! Love the fingernails. I wonder what he thought when he woke up and saw his nails had been painted.

CUTE kids!!

Have a great day.

Carolyn said...

What a fun Sunday and Monday. I just can't believe though that you are only 3 years older than me and you have a grandchild already. I guess my oldest are sixteen(twins) and so it is possible they could get married and have kids in three or so years from now. I look forward to grandkids since I don't have any babies around anymore.

LillySue said...

Bobbi Jo~
What a fun family night! I am Sooo looking forward to some time like that with my family after we get moved. We like to play cards or "Chicken Foot" dominoes. We also always make a yummy treat to eat. There are no more littles in our group. If my Sister, Jeannie , moves closer to my folks, she has the youngest at 3 and 6. I miss them!! Happy Wednesday!
Blessings~ LillySue

Melissa M. said...

Those are fun pictures!
I especially like the one of Talmage asleep on the pillow, what a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

Talk about Tunz of Fun!!!!
and those brownies look delicious!

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

Do you remember the time at the cabin when we painted Alan's toenails? Good times...
Isn't the wii so much fun? Watching people play it is hilarious because we all look so ridiculous!

kamikazern said...

"Nellie, Nellie, rub your belly." That was her favorite poem! I do miss the Nell-meister. She's a beautiful dog.