Thursday, March 5, 2009

What I Got Done Wednesday

I though I would do a follow up about my Wednesday. I started wash and left for my deal shopping at Fry's I spent $99.26. I had $25.14 in coupons and saved $107.32. It averaged out to be 51% savings. I was very happy with what I got. I meant to take a picture of it but got all the meat and items put away when I remembered. he he
I also went to Walgreen's I needed some hair coloring (for my dog) and it was on sale originally $7.99 for $2.99 and I found these on sale: Can't wait to see how absorbent they are. And of course no one has spilt anything! Is spilt a proper word?
I got home and switched over the wash and started another load. Noticing as I was walking downstairs that the stairs needed a good vacuuming. So I started upstairs and vacuumed down the stairs, the tile and after I moved the boxes I vacuumed the great room. I continued into the dinning area and the kitchen to do edging and vacuuming all the tile and into the craft room. Then I finished moving the food storage boxes from this spot.
I moved the food storage boxes from here: This table is being painted to put in my entry way.
To here in my craft room:
After this I had a friend show up with some major problems and needed someone to talk to and so I didn't get the items put away in the garage that was planned. But she really needed help. So we will see what I can get done today.
My ears are doing better thank you for all the well wishes from you all. It makes me feel not so bad when my head is killing me!
Just came across this great article on Modern Molly Mormon .
This article is so great for those of us who struggle loving ourselves the way we are. Myself being overweight and not liking the way I look or feel is a big issue that this article addresses. It is not just for us LDS gals. It is a wonderful reminder of us being daughters of our Heavenly Father. He loves us no matter what!
Hope you all have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Leslie said...

You did a great job and actually got a lot done. How sweet of you to be able to help your friend :) That's something that I often don't think of...all of the helping and listening that I do in a day! LOL That's why some days I feel so unproductive, but that's just as important, right?

Have a great day!


The Lucas Gang said...


Connie said...

Bobbi Jo, throw a cloth over it and voilĂ , it's instant "table", chick!! That's what I do. Works well and no one knows what's under there unless I tell them.

Janice said...

I would say you accomplished a lot yesterday. Even helping out a friend is a huge thing. Can't wait to see what color you paint that table for your entry way or is that the color you painted it.
It is a cute table.

Best luck getting more done today!

Kristina P. said...

Did you read my post review of the ShamWow? They actually are pretty absorbant.

merrianne said...

wow! way to go!!!! i need to be more motivated like you!

KNichols said...

I have some of those and love them! I don't know what brand mine are (not Sham Wow) but I bought them at Fry's. I use them to dry dishes, clean the counters, etc. We are now anti-paper towels in our house. Woohoo!

wendy said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog. You have been BUSY!! I love the crown at the top of your blog.

Leisel said...

I'm tired just reading your blog, oh wait, I was already tired! My plan is to put the kids down for a nap and maybe catch some ZZZZZ's myself before I have to work this afternoon.

The Blonde Duck said...

You've been very productive!

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

I love stuff that has "As seen on T.V." on the label! If only you had bought the "Snuggie" - then your life would have been complete...

The Grant Fam said...

I just wanted to say hi and say that I hope my children don't bother you to much. You know there fighting in the back yard 24/7 I am Jamie Grant the neighbor behind you. Your orange blossoms smell wonderful by the way. Maybe I will meet you at church some day. :)

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Dropped by to see you for Pink Saturday, but I'm glad to read that you got a lot done. I need to do the same! :-)

Happy PS!


Sheila :-)

Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday


Beverly said...

Just popped over to see your Pink Saturday post.

It looks like you are getting a lot done.

RhondaLue said...

What a great article! I dress schlumpy sometimes too and hate it but don't feel worthy to buy something new at my current size. I'm punishing myself for gaining some of the weight back that i lost.

I need to cut it out. Thanks for the nudge.

By the way great job on the food storage. It's always a chore to find WHERE to put it for me. I have 8 of us in a 1600 sq ft house..all the kids are doubled up and stacked in the shared rooms but If we're creative we'll be blessed for it later (or now for me because hubby just lost his job so we're living off what I stored!)

Great job. And even greater that you were there for a friend that needed you!