Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watcha Working on Wednesday

It's time again for Whatcha Working on Wednesday with Leslie at My Country Home has a place you can sign on to show everyone what you are doing. It is great way to get motivated to get things done. Today I am working on these: This the before and then I added one more item to this. This is the after:This is the Thinkin Spot. Then there is this,

This is called Beach Bungalo. Then this one :It is called Dream House. My dream house would be yellow, country style with white trim, grey roof and a wrap around porch. So after I got these done I still wanted to paint some more. So I did this: This is a tray I had for a while. I painted it pink and did a cream crackle on it. I stamped the middle design with a stamp from Heidi Swap and hand painted the rest.

This is a machae box I painted yesterday. I did a brown paint with a cream crackle and painted the leaves. The inside is painted a autumn brown.

This next picture is something that I thought was too cute. I bought this harvest basket on sale for $10! DeAl!! Love this picture of Talmage.

So this is what I did along with my household blessings and a couple errands so I had fun today. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Alaska Family said...

The outhouse is so cute!

Humper's Family said...

He is so cute in that basket!!! You are so good at all of that stuff, do you ever sell it? I still have all of you christmas ornaments for our tree...I love them.