Thursday, August 14, 2008

Napkins & I Am Being Eaten! Pleasure In Cup

These are the two different napkins that I made for two of my girls Faith & Gabby today that I didn't get to work on WWW. I made two of each of them . The pink one is made of two different materials and the blue one is made of the same on both sides. They are 9 x9 so they don't take up a bunch of room in their lunch boxes. I had started another 2 and my sewing machine was being a pain so I will wait till another day to do those. I did some mending on clothes before I worked on these. As far as the cloth napkins I just hate spending money on something that is thrown away day after day. So I use cloth napkins most of the time. Plus I feel like the table looks so much more pleasant even if you are having hamburgers. I have 8 different sets and 3 for different holiday ones, so far. I also am addicted to beautiful china, dishes and old serving platters.
Today I also started working on Teachers Bags for the little girls 4 teachers at school . I am hoping to finish these in the morning after I get Alan off to work. I will take a picture when I am done with them to show you of course.
In the afternoon I was holding Talmage and it was a good thing that I didn't have make-up on. He was snuggling with me and then all of the sudden he latched on to my chin. It is so funny! He will then back away and then attack again. I don't normally let my picture to be taken especially with the way I have looked lately but I had to show you that Grandma's do taste good. He likes to chew on my shirt shoulders too. So if you see me running around town with wet shoulders you will know why.
I sure have fun with this little guy. (Don't worry my skin was clean!) he he

Last but not least, My name is Bobbi Jo Nichols and I am a Choco-holic.. Hi Bobbi! I have some cocoa or hot/cold chocolate every day. Ever since I was a little girl so I wanted to share my yummy pleasure and addiction with you.

This is pure pleasure in a cup!
Well, I am off to bed. Hope you all have a good night sleep and hurray it is Friday! Sweet dreams, Bobbi Jo

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Kostura Family said...

those napkins are a good idea and they are cute too.. how about i put in an order and you make me some??