Saturday, August 9, 2008

I love PiNk! It is PiNk Saturday

Today is Pink Saturday that Beverly has made famous in her own beautiful way. Be sure to check out her great blog Howsweetthesound , she has a list of wonderful ladies joining in on the fun, and you are welcome to join in every Saturday if you would like, just let her know. She has put alot of work and organization into this and it has become very popular!
If you ask any member of my family they know and connect me with Pink! Not just pink but crowns, Harley's, chocolate and bling. I think in a lot of ways I am very girly because I love anything feminine. I enjoy being treated like a lady. You are probably asking why I am telling you this? Well it is due to BJ ,at her blog Sweet Nothings is giving away a very cute pink fleece throw with big white polka dots! Who can resist that? Love it! I have entered to win it and she said to claim your love for pink so here I am. So I wanted to share a cute little thing that I made on Thursday. It is one of my favorite hues, HOT PINK. So here it is
I have been working on items for the upcoming etsy shop Coco. I was working on projects and felt like making something on a whim and this is what I came up with.
Tomorrow is Sunday and we will be going to church and having FHE after that. Hope you are all having a fun Saturday night. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Beverly said...

Thanks for visiting Pink Saturday and my blog.

That BJ is the greatest, isn't she?!