Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's Already Tuesday! Holy Cow

I can't believe it is already Tuesday! It was early Saturday morning that I last blogged so I thought maybe I should catch up this morning.
On Saturday morning I made breakfast and told Coco before we started any crafting I needed to straighten up my craft room that use to be the den but DH handed it over to me. I think he was getting smothered by all the girly stuff in there. So after breakfast I came in and blogged and then started to clean up. Well for the rest of the day and into the evening we cleaned my den. Organizing and putting things in their sweet little crafting space. It looks really good now and will be nice and efficient way to create. Now I have to get my window treatments made! Thank you Coco for all your help! I was a little panicky due to the OCD I have. Coco said I need therapy because I like too many crafts and have too much stuff. I don't know about that.

This is before we left. Talmage was smiling until he saw the camera. I had a good time at church. Being it was fast Sunday we had fast and testimony meeting. The kids were awesome. There was one after another going up and bearing their testimonies. I think there was only 4 adults that spoke but there wasn't a lull in the meeting at all. You know what a mean the very quiet and uncomfortableness. It was great! We came home from church and had a BBQ but it was in doors due to the heat. Alan gave the girls their back to school blessing that night before bed.

Monday was the first day of school for the girls.

This is Gabby. She is in 3rd grade this year.
This is Faith. She is in 4Th grade.
This is E'lyse. She is in 7Th grade.
Dallas isn't cooperative in me getting his picture in the morning. Mornings are not his thing! The girls were excited to go back to school and see there friends. Unfortunately the 2 younger only have one or two in there classes. I told them this was a good opportunity to make new friends. E'lyse switches classes so she gets to see more of hers. They had a good 1st day and like their teachers very much.
So for today I am going to do my daily tasks and maybe get to some crafting. Coco and I are planning on starting an etsy shop soon so I need to get items made for that.
My menu for this week is:
Monday: Lasagna, garlic bread, green beans, cantaloupe and brownies for FHE.
Tuesday: Mexican slow cooker fiesta, rolls and pears.
Wednesday: Chicken casserole covered into crock-pot, tossed salad
Thursday: Hamburgers, seasoned rice, baked beans and corn.
Friday: English muffin pizza w/ pizza bar, salad and desert pizza.
Saturday: Tomato Soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, broccoli and sunshine salad.
Alright I need to go get breakfast made. Have a great day!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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