Friday, August 1, 2008

Special Surprise, Party and Cuteness!

To start off I had ordered 2 purses off of my niece Meredith's etsy shop where she has some really cute purses. I kept commenting on her blog that her favorite aunt would like a pink & black one, JK of course. Anyway Modeling these beauties is Coco's DH Kyle. He does such a great job showing how happy they can make you and is a better model than some people I know who show there face and enthusiasm. (JK! SH) One was for me (pink & white) and the other(green stripes w/flowers) for Coco for one of her Birthday gifts. So yesterday afternoon I had DS go get the mail and they had arrived. Much to my surprise was this beauty.
Meredith had made me a scripture bag. On the tag that turned out blurry when I took the picture says "A scripture case for my very favorite aunt! Love, Meredith." Sniff sniff this made me cry I couldn't' believe how sweet she is! I love the bag and it means so much to me.
We had dinner made by request of the Birthday girl of chicken pockets, spinach, green salad w/avocados. Then we had Birthday cake, this was the Hershey perfectly chocolate-chocolate cake (with my special added ingredients) and peanut butter frosting colored Coco's favorite color orange. This is Coco and Talmage blowing out the candles. I cut the cake then Coco opened her presents. As she was she gave Talmage a piece of his own little cake this is the before and the after. I think he liked it! Okay one more picture of Cuteness! Talmage in a dew rag. I am looking forward to this weekend. Tonight we are going on a double date with Coco & Kyle. Saturday I hope to sleep past 5 am if I am lucky but my body clock is adjusting to 4:15 so we will see. Have a great Friday and don't forget date night with your sweetie!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo



hey! did you go to the family party last week? i'll try to update it! i start school on august 11th! thats next monday! anyways i'll tell her you say hi! you tell elyse i say hi and im sad we didnt get to hang out during the summer! see ya!

This Country Girl said...

Bobbi Jo,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm so glad you did!

I love your purses and the model is too cute! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Hammond's said...

I am so glad you like the purses. Kyle is the perfect model. Maybe I should use him for all of my purse modeling in the future! So who is DS and DH?