Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday Date Night

Last night we went on a double date with our Coco, Kyle and Talmage to Mimi's Cafe. It is a really good restaurant decorated in Country French decor. Yummy strawberry Lemonade! Such a fun place to look around and get decorating ideas. Our waitress was so nice made for an even better meal. After dinner we went to Sportsman's Warehouse. Alan needed to get reloading supplies for the bear hunt coming up. It is a neat store Coco and I walked around playing with Talmage. This is one of the many beautiful animals they have around the store. The bear was killed in Russia in 2001 by one of the employees. Look it is Davey Crockett! Just kidding it is little Talmage who got a second wind and was loving this store. He is too cute!
After this store we went for ice-cream at Cold Stone. Talmage really liked this place. He likes being the 5Th wheel.
We all had a good time and decided we need to do this at least once a month.
On Saturday's list of things to do is: clean up den, the everyday cleaning, prepare for Sunday, get girls all ready for school on Monday it is there first day back, crafting and having fun.
On a different note I wanted to let you know that the purses I bought from Meredith are such a well made purse. They are sewn beautifully and strong. I love mine!
Hope you all have a good day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Humper's Family said...

Meredith didn't make those!!! They are cute though.


hey! i updated my blog! read it!

Shay said...

Oh how adorable Talmage is, sure is a cutie pie!! I love your blog, I just found you! I also love the picture of the Mesa, AZ temple! Very pretty! Thanks for adding me to your fav's, I'll add you on as well!