Thursday, August 21, 2008


Today I went to get a few items that we ran out of this morning, get gas in my van, talk to Dallas' high school counselor & change some information on a savings card. While I was at Wally World I found some great prices on Roasts. I decided to revise my menu again tonight and do the roast (made with caffeine free diet coke as the marinade) , mash potatoes & green beans tonight minus the cake. In it's place these: Chocolate Chip cookies. This was the first tray out of the oven. I made enough to fill my new cookie jar. I made 5 doz. to fill it up. These will be our dessert with a cup of cool milk. I also made up a little plate to take to my friend who is trying to lose weight for a cruse she and her hubby are going on. I made a little note on top that said this,"Friends don’t let friends DIET!!!" She thought it was funny.
I also made these to go with dinner.My family loves dinner rolls.
Today I was busy doing a little bit of this, 6 loads of laundry due to son not bringing his down on his wash day. I did some organizing thoughts , blog reading, cleaning and fun things like that. Better go for now. Hope you all have a great Thursday night. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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