Monday, August 18, 2008

Gabby, New Book and He's Home

It almost looks like a MUG shot! he he Coco had cut Gabby's hair a few weeks back and I just love it. I did Gabby's hair before church on Sunday and forgot to get a picture before so I took this after church. It got a little wacky up on top. If any of you watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, on TLC, Gabby's hair looks like Kate's or it looks like Heidi Swaps. Either way I wish my hair would do this but it is way too curly and stubborn.

I did my grocery sales shopping today and found this book on sale. Since I love my crock pot and I want to start using it a little more I thought this would be a great book. I have enjoyed the recipes from Sandra's other cookbooks so I figure I probably can't lose on this one.

Last night about 10:30 ish Alan got home from Georgia. His brother flew him out there for the weekend to spend a little time with his family. He said he missed the family but wished he could have spent a few more days visiting and seeing the state. He had a good time! Thank you Tom & Denise for taking good care of my sweet heart!
So that is all for now. I am planning on doing some crafting a little later after I pick up the girls from school. Still haven't finished the school bags for the teachers due to working on other fun things. I think that will have to be at the top of my list for delivery on Wednesday.
Oh and one more thing one of my dear friends Lisa L. Just joined the blogging world. HI LISA!!! I miss you.
Have a great Monday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


kamikazern said...

Bobbi: You have such a cool blog. You amaze me with all your activities and how you make your home a little bit of paradise no matter where you are planted. Me. . .I sleep too much. Even with medication changes. LOL! Love you sis!

KJ said...

Welcome to blogging, Lisa!

So, Bobbi, how did all of this crafting and cooking and so forth go?

My kids don't go back to school until after Labor Day. Boy, is the summer winding down or what?


Shay said...

Oh your daughters hair is adorable!! I love it! I wish mine would do that too! lol

Oh Sandra Lee! Her recipes are so fun b/c they are easy!! When you have kiddos and a little amount of time, um that's just what ya need huh! I hope you have a wonderful day and glad to hear hubby is back home with ya!