Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pretty Things

Tonight as I was out in the blogasphire I found a lovely blog it is written by KJ the blog is called eye-dyllic. Beautiful pictures and information. There is a bit about tea and tea time. I am the only one in our family that drinks tea. KJ asked that we send her a picture of our Perpetual Tea Trays. I have a few trays and many china pieces that I love to use. In the evenings this Herbal Tea- Chamomile w/ a touch of Lemon is very soothing. The picture is the tray I painted a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to show you the pretty saucer. I love flowers so this is one of my favorite ones.
The next pretty was given to me by Coco. She made it for me. I was so pleased to have this after seeing all the beauties she has made for our upcoming etsy shop. It is one of my favorite color combinations of Hot Pink and Black. It will be my Ladies Journal. I think it is so pretty! The Flowers were brought home for me last night from Alan after I told him I had to get a shot in my hiney so I needed flowers and chocolate. So I got the flowers and some wonderful 60% cocoa chocolate. I was just kidding but he got them for me anyway. He is a sweetheart.
My finger is doing better tonight after the herbal medicine Coco put on it today. It has already healed up the cut in part. Wow! Good stuff.
So off to bed I need to go. 4:15 comes awful quick and I hope to be productive tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Bobbi Jo

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KJ said...

Wow, you even wrote about li'l ol' me! Thanks so much! I'm honored!

Sweet Dreams!