Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It Had To Be Cut Off! Get Out Your Violins

First of all I will apologize for my boo-hooing here. I just needed to get this off my chest. I know I will feel better once this is done. So please, bare with me.
Yesterday afternoon my hands had swollen even more than when the doctor saw it, not just my hands but everywhere was swollen. The doctor told me to try and get my wedding ring off soon as possible. Little did I know what was to happen. The doctor also said my blood pressure was high but didn't say much more about it so I check what it was and it was 160 over 125, I think this is my next concern.
The doctor gave a prescription for some ointment to stop itching and to help heal where my finger was badly infected also some antibiotics for my ears .
Alan got home and took a look at it and said that I could loose my finger if I didn't get it off. So I go into panic mode. I took some of my blood pressure pills (herbal) and start drinking water, laying with feet up, soaking finger in ice water and all that good stuff. Trying to get the ring off. Nothing! Still in a haze of the Child's Benadryl doze I made dinner and the girls did the dishes. I watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 then went to bed. I wake up this morning and finger is worse. It is now throbbing and I didn't sleep very well last night.

I decided to get the ring off myself again. Due to my vanity I didn't want to go to the jewelers and have them see my bad skin. I soaked my finger and got my floral wire snips and tried to cut. I made some what of a dent after about 20 min. off and on soaking and trying to cut. I couldn't do it. So I take my little bucket of water & ice and my snips and ask Kyle if he can help me. I show him the ridge and he pressed as hard as he could and it finally cut through. Now the problem was I couldn't get the ring off. The ring had cut into my finger about 2 centimeters and it hurt like crazy. So Kyle and Coco got pliers and tweezers and pulled it apart. It didn't want to come off and kept rubbing in the part of the finger that had the wound. So I finally grabbed the front of the ring and held on, Kyle got the snips and cut off a section and then pulled with the pliers and got it off. Sniff Sniff my beautiful wedding ring. I feel so bad that it had to come to this! There was nothing to do it had to be cut off. So here is the pictures of my not so glamorous hand even though Coco added the leopard stripe, after Kyle & Coco played Doctor and Nurse taking care of me. My hero's!And the other picture is my poor wedding rings. On the bright side my finger is no longer throbbing and I think the swelling might be coming down on it.
Does this get me out of doing the dishes for a day or two? I don't think so!
I am Still trying to get the rest of the swelling out of my body and figure out what started this thing in the first place. Any nurses have ideas let me know because I am lost. Have a fun Tuesday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Leslie said...

Oh, my! I'm sure it hurt you emotionally to cut your ring off but it surely felt better physically to get that off!

Maybe you just have some type of infection? Or allergies? My FIL had a terrible allergic reaction back in May. He's never had one before but it almost killed him! They still don't know what it was but suspected it was the lovely gypsy moth caterpillars because they have some sort of bacteria on them.

We also thought Shane just had a cough most of his life. It came and went. Later it was diagnosed as asthma and just this spring we found out the asthma was triggered by allergies during certain times of the year. His allergies would start, his asthma would kick in and then he would have a sinus infection or ear infection or both. We had no clue he had allergies. Turns out he's allergic to dust, dogs and cats, ragweed (which is bad right now) and other weed pollen. He's on medication and I give him Claritin when the pollen count is bad and he's okay :)

Something else...do you normally have high blood pressure like that???? That's not good at all. I had a blood pressure reading at 213 over 100-something when I was pregnant with Aften. I didn't have pre-ecclampsi or anything like that, my blood pressure just spiked. There is no reason for it other than it runs on both sides of my family but I'm too young, I'm not over weight, my sodium count is fine, etc. I have been on medication for the last 5 years. I hate it but it keeps me alive, so I take it! LOL

Hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Boo,I know just how you feel since I hadn't taken my wedding ring off in over 16 years and just last month my finger started hurting really bad(I had put on a lot of weight that was evenly distributed all over my body, hands, feet,etc..
I tried pulling the ring off with the ice water, oil, soap, and it just hurt more and more. I finally broke down and showed Ross my swollen finger and told him how much it hurt and how I didn't want to take off my wedding ring but I also didn't want to lose my finger. He went to his shop and came back with electrical tape that he wrapped around my finger as close to the ring as we could get and then he snipped with his cutters, then used needle nose pliers to pry the ring ends apart. I could have cried but my finger felt better. One thing I will warn you about is that there will be phantom pains and the feeling that your ring is still there. It's been over a month for me and I still find myself trying to turn my ring to a better position. Creepy huh? I also wanted to share with you a little cure that a friend told me about for the cuts and tears in your hands. Now this will seem weird but it actually is very soothing once you get through the initial pain. Using a bowl of white vinegar, soak each hand for 5 minutes in the vinegar at least once a day. If you have the time do it several times a day. It helps to heal your boo boos and also makes your hands soft. It doesn't cost a bunch of money and you go around smelling like an Italian salad. You should wash your hands after each treatment to get rid of the majority of the smell. Good luck. Love you