Monday, August 11, 2008

Surprise, Sunday, Monday and the lazy Dog Days

I am in working on the computer and my husbands cousins son who is also one of my sons best friends came over to pick him up and him mom had sent this over for our family. It looks so yummy! It is Texas Sheet Cake w/ chocolate icing. What a yummy surprise! Thank you Tammy!! Big Hugs to you for making my day.
On Sunday we woke up and had our usual Sunday breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. I went up stairs to get dressed and next thing I know I have red splotches all over my face. Then my arms starting itching. I felt like I was running a fever just in my face though. It was really weird. So I decided to take a Benadryl (child dose or else I would be out for 2 days). It wasn't working very fast. Alan and I were working on something in the den (aka my craft room) and I was getting worse and very groggy. So we finished up and I went to bed. Slept for a few hours and got up not doing much better. Everyone went to church but me and my red spots. I went back to sleep. The family got home, ate dinner and we watched the Olympics for a while then off to bed again.
This morning I wake up at the usual 4:15 and spots are worse. So I decided to go to the care clinic. They said I have ear infections in both ears but don't know why I have red spots. I also got a shot in my hiney to relieve the itch. It worked for a while and made me very sleepy. So today was not productive at all.
Since Coco, Kyle and Talmage moved in with us we have 4 dogs in the house most of the time due to even at 5 pm it is 107 degrees outside. So I was walking through the house and found it funny that they were all being very lazy.
The first dog is Lula (Coco's dog) the next two are Cosmo(Coco's dog) and Belle (E'lyses dog) and the last one glaring at the camera is Nellie ( my dog). She isn't found of having her picture taken, she gets that from me. So these are the last of some of the lazy dog days of summer! he he
Have a great Monday night. Hoping to have a more productive day tomorrow minus the itching and spots. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Kleinman Family said...

You are so welcome. I new you would enjoy a little chocolate! If I knew it would make your blog I would have sent it on a fancy plate. Sorry you have been sick, hope your feeling better soon. Let me know if I can do anything to help.