Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I decided to join in with Leslie at My Country Home on her Whatcha Working on Wednesday. This morning after making Alan and Dallas' lunches and getting them off to work I did 3 loads of wash. I completed 2 scrapbook pages.
The one on the left is me and my Dad when I was 4 and the one on the right is Alan and I on our wedding day. I decided for the page since it is Reflections of the past it would look good in sepia so I had to go get a 5 x7 copy and change the coloring. I like them.

The next thing I started on is this: Look it a blank canvas HMMMM what should I do with this. We will see! I will give you a hint I had to go to the store for a few supplies. Having a blast and workin' away.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Hammond's said...

I cannot wait to see what you do! Please post as soon as you are finished with your project!

This Country Girl said...

Your scrapbooking pages look great! I just seeing other folks' creative work in scrapbooking!

Thanks for sharing! Have a great Wednesday!


Leslie said...

The scrapbook pages are nice! I always wanted to get into scrapbooking but I'm one of those that wonders if it will still be cool later on and worries about using up the paper and supplies! LOL

Can't wait to see your bathroom project!

BTW~I'm not sure where the Pink Hilton Hunting Lodge I asked my Gran and she usually knows everything but that stumped here. My mailing address is actually Bellefonte....:)

Thanks for participating!

Anonymous said...

What are you doing to the bathroom? I am guessing it will have a green color and some rusted orange... thats just going off the towels you said you got. I could totally be wrong though!

Jessie Nichols said...

You are a firecracker..I want to be as organized and dedicated as you. I need to have you give me a lesson in using my new tool..Nate got me a cricut...still trying to figure out how to make it do all that I want it to do.