Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What I've Been Up To

On Friday afternoon Coco, Kyle and Talmage got here. This is Talmage eating peas! He is so CuTe! We visited unloaded Kyle's truck and they needed to run errands so I watched Talmage. I love this little guy his smile just melts my heart!

On Saturday DH and Kyle went back up to Pinetop to get the rest of their belongings. Coco came in my room about 11 am and said,"Mom, I think you aught to paint your room." I have been trying to decide what color to paint it and it is a decent size room so I knew it was going to be a lot of work. So we went and got paint and we decided to distress the bed and paint some of the other decor to fit the shabby chic/cottage look I wanted and this is what it looked like before. We forgot to take the picture before the bed was pulled apart. Duh moment!

And this is it after. It is hard to see how beautiful it turned out. The little sign hanging on the center of the bed says, "Honey moon Suite". The room is so cheerful and comfy. I just love it.
Coco worked on the bed and it turned out just the way I wanted it to. Thank you Miss Coco I love it!

Sunday we got up and I made our traditional Sunday breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. Took a short nap before church. Went to church. It was a good Sabbath day. Enjoyed all the lessons and speakers at church and visiting with a few friends. Sunday night we had grilled chicken and hamburgers.

Monday was a good day too. Alan got a regular job. For those who didn't know Alan has been out of steady work since January of 2007. It has been hard to find a job that would pay him what he is worth. He has been working but not the steady hours or benefits. So we are very grateful to those who have been praying for us and keeping us in their thoughts. He is working for a company as a superintendent doing commercial building. It is all new to him after building homes for so long there is much to learn, but I know he will do well. He is a good man and a hard worker.

Dallas and Kyle went to work for one of Alan's friends. The girls and I went to Scrapbooks Etc. and then to get a bite to eat. When we got home a little later in the day Coco and I decided to do some scrap-booking and these are the pages I completed. The one I had started before but didn't get it done. So today is Tuesday and I didn't' get my menu posted yesterday. Last night we had chicken and dumplings, tonight we are having Italian Beans from Crystals blog Family Homestead. You need to check it out. She has great recipes and so much knowledge to share . WOW!! Wednesday we will be having Country Style Ribs, Thursday soup/witches and Friday night is Date Night.
Today I am wanting to get some crafting going in between laundry loads. I will check in later. Have a fun Tuesday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Humper's Family said...

Tell Alan we say congrats!!! I am so happy for you guys. And Talmage is so cute and a little dorky...it's totally genetic!