Monday, July 14, 2008

Sniff Sniff a Good Friend Gone

This weekend went by fast. I was so happy with all that I was able to get done on Saturday. I got wash done, cleaned the house, cleaned the fruit & veggies that I got Saturday morning. I made Black Bean Chicken Chili, Beef Veggie Stew, Pickled Beets, Chocolate Pudding, Mango/Apple Applesauce. May I say the applesauce was so good. Big hit with the family. I didn't put a bunch of sugar in it I used 1/3 cup and then honey, it was yummy! Then for dinner Alan was busy and didn't want to stop for a big sit down dinner so I made the girls mac-n-cheese, Alan had soup and meat/cheese grilled sandwich and I had a ham/cheese omelet. Dallas and E'lyse were at friends houses.
On Sunday I had a problem that I couldn't make it to church so I took it easy most of the day. I made a roast in the crock-pot using my secret ingredient (diet coke and a frozen roast.) Makes it so tender and yummy. With mash taters/ gravy and then ice-cream for dessert. The girls were put in charge of doing the dinner dishes. This is when it happened.Sniff Sniff! E'lyse wasn't gentle with turning my crock over in the sink and it cracked. OH MY!! I was very sad to lose this wonderful friend.
Today E'lyse, Alise a friend of her, Faith, Gabby and I went to run errands. We went to Scrapbooks Ect. for my page of the week, they had wonderful embossing templates on the sale table and I bought some cute papers. I was looking for paper that had the school theme but no luck there. I found a fun gift to make for the little girls teachers for the first day of school. We then went to Wal-Mart to get my new crock-pot. I found a replacement not like my old one but hopefully I will grow to love it as much. We then came home and I finished up my work for the day.
On the menu this week: Monday-Spaghetti & meatballs, spinach & cucumbers and for dessert a Perfectly Perfect Hershey's Chocolate Cake with peanut-butter icing.
Tuesday-Black Bean Chicken Chili, with corn bread and green salad. Wednesday-Roasted Turkey, taters/gravy green beans. Thursday-Tomato Soup and toasted cheese sandwiches, Friday-Not sure if we are going to be here or not due to when we go to help Coco & Kyle move. If we are here we will have grilled chicken, asparagus & melon.
So that is it for now. We are having FHE tonight so I better go finish the lesson planning. Have a great Monday night! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Primgal55 - Linda said...

Thanks for your sweet comments. I am still in shock but so excited!

hugs, Linda