Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Food, Craft & Food

Every other Saturday in our area there is a Co-Op that you can get called Bountiful Baskets. You pay $15 for 2 baskets one is fruit and the other veggies. This was what I got today. It is so worth the price. The item in the back plastic container is a head of lettuce still attached to the root. A lot of it is organic and just yummy!
When I was scrap booking (made 6 pages) Gabby wanted to do something crafty. So she got into the fun foam box and decided to make these.

Gabby made cute door hangers. Since Coco , Kyle and Talmage will be moving down next weekend she decided to make them some. The green one is for Talmage she has made a turtle on it at the top right side. The orange one is for Coco & Kyles room, the purple one is hers and she made me one that is pink but I have it on our bedroom door already.
This is a problem. Today I have been cooking and cleaning. I made a Black Bean Chicken Chili, and a veggie beef stew. I decided to cook up some beets to make pickled eggs. Now from cutting up the beets after cooking them my hands are dark pink. The picture looks better than my hands do. I guess it will be an extra long soak in the bath tonight to get it out before church tomorrow. This I thought was really cute. As I was in the kitchen cutting up veggies for the stew I had a large pot on but almost everyday there is hot chocolate in it. Gabby come bouncing out to the kitchen grabs her red cup of the day and looks into the pot and had this look of "What the heck is that it isn't hot chocolate?", she looked at me then and I started laughing it was the beats cooking. The look on her face was priceless.
Hope you are having a great Saturday. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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Humper's Family said...

I remember your huge pots of hot chocolate!!!