Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last Night and What I Got Done

Good morning! Last night the girls wanted to read a little bit before they went to sleep, Gabby asked if she could work on pulling out her tooth. I assumed it was lose. So about 20 min. later she comes in our room and said she got the string stuck. I asked if she used dental floss and she said yes. I look at it and it looks a little weird and it is under her tooth sticking out. Not a big peace mind you but it was there. So I try to pull it with a pair of pliers. I can't get it out. After E'lyse came in and was talking to Gabby and I we find out she used 20lb. fishing line. She had used some to make a necklace the other week when we were up north. So DH tried to pull it out. Trying to be gentle as to not hurt her and he couldn't get it out. So she said let me try again and she yanked it out. Well, the tooth wasn't even wiggly. ARG! Crazy kid! I figured out this is due to Faith pulling one of her teeth out earlier yesterday. Now on to what I got done yesterday:

Okay this is what I did . I painted the bathroom. The color is called Apricot Lily, it is a pale peachy tanish color. I still need to make some more decorations for it and I am debating doing some stenciling on the wall or maybe a sign of some sort.

This is E'lyses dog last night chasing our little froggy friend. We have a family of frogs that live around our house and come out every night. This poor little guy was so scared it fell over on it's back and scrambled to get back up to hop away to safety.

This is what is on Whatch Workin on Wednesday for next week, unless I get to it sooner. It was black and had a mirror but my daughter didn't want it anymore. It was kind of hard looking if that makes since. I should have taken a picture of it before I tore it apart. So yesterday while I was waiting for paint to dry, I thought of doing this. I decided to make it a ladies desk for my bedroom.
So today I am getting my den ready to turn it into a shared room with a very handsome little guy ,Talmage ( my grandson for those who think I am a fruit cake!) So off for now. Check in later. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Anonymous said...

WOW, I really like the bathroom. Its pretty. I think that frog looks gross, ewww. And for your desk in your room are you keeping the mirror on it?

Leslie said...

Silly kids! You never know what they are going to do!

I like your bathroom. It's always nice to change things and freshen them up, isn't it?

I sent you an e-mail. I think my family knows yours pretty well! How on earth did you find my blog? That's just neat. It's such a small world!

Have a great day!

Humper's Family said...

The bathroom is so cute!!! I can't believe the floss story...what a little terd!