Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Fort And The Alien Arm

On Sunday night Gabby made this cool fort. She got the idea on where else PINTEREST!
 The most dangerous site on the internet. 
The fort is made with a large fan at the end then you tuck a light blanket (or in this case a sheet)
under a mattress and when you turn the fan on you can have an instant fort. 
Gabby didn't pick the best time to do this. The cold weather just hit Arizona this weekend so, she said it was a little cold but she liked it. 
You can't see her but she is in there.
 Some times I am not sure why Gabby does the things she does but she comes in with her arm painted. 
She looked like she had an alien arm.
This picture goes back to the beginning of summer this year.
Gabby and I went to get some items at the store. Gabby wanted a snorkel for swimming. 
She wore it in the car on the way home. She kept looking at people in cars next to us and waving to them.
She is such a goofball. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

Oh my... she is an interesting one.

Karen June Miller said...

Too funny! Your daughter has quite an imagination! It will be fun to see how it develops.