Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful Day # 15

Today I am thankful for our piano
A while back Coco had a piano she had bought off of Craig's list for $100 dollars that she was selling. The gal that was going to originally buy it never did so I told her I would buy it. 
Finally in August I got the piano tuned (very much needed) and the piano tuner 
said that we had a very good quality of piano. 
He said it is very old and in amazing shape for it's age. 
It has actual ivory keys, some not is so good of shape but I love it, it adds charm to it.  

The sound that comes out of it now is so beautiful. I love that each of the girls have taken to playing it.
E'lyse took piano lessons many years ago but now she plays by ear. 
She has really mastered a lot of wonderful hymns. 
I love hearing the hymns being played especially after dinner. 

Here is a picture I caught of Faith playing. 
Sometimes it is hard to catch her to get her picture. 
Someday in the distant future I would love to sell our sectional couch and replace it with a smaller couch, 2 chairs and maybe a love seat. This way the piano could be placed where I really would like it. Until then it will stay where it is, it is sooooooo heavy! 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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