Wednesday, November 21, 2012

AMA's And A Whale of a Time

Sunday night was the American Music Awards. 
I was watching it to left Faith know if One Direction was on.
You never know what they are going to show or say on it.
At the end of the show the last performance was Psy  & McHammer performing 
Gangnam Style
I yelled for the girls and of course this made us brake out in a dance in our room
Of course if you are dancing to Gangnam Style you have to get super serious 
 Woop.. Woop.. Woop.. Woop.. Woop..
I love these impromptu dance parties 
Gabby has been working on a whale at school in her art class for a few weeks now
Yesterday Gabby brought it home and painted it yesterday
Here it is 
It's name is Whale Bubber Blubbery Jefferson Wantay-a Waleashes Star Qunnetoo Whaley Blubber Budy The Third.
 Here is a side view of it
 And the other side with Gabby peeking through
Faith making the whale face
Faith and Gabby with the whale before school today.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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