Monday, November 12, 2012

Think Twice Before You Pull It Apart

 Sunday morning I went down stairs to find the Revers Osmosis at the sink pulled out and our kitchen faucet pulled out and with it's innards hanging all over the counter top. 
The counter being adorned with a bunch of stuff.
What happened when I slept in? 
Well turns out the RO broke off, Alan decided since it was off and he had to clear everything out from under the sink that he might as well check the leak that was from the faucet (about 2 months ago but no longer there) should be checked out too. He pulled it out but couldn't figure out how it all went back together and he said it was too corroded and would need replaced soon anyway, that he would get new ones. 
(No water in the kitchen all day long, hence dirty dishes in the sink) Good thing we were at church a good chunk of the day.
 The girls said the kitchen was so cluttered and it looked weird to have so much stuff all over the place. 
Glad they noticed and like the difference cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering makes. 
This is Sunday night as Alan was hooking up the new equipment.
I got to be his helper and listen to him complain about why they put the things under there so tight and why is it so small under the cabinets. 
Meet our new faucet and reverse osmosis faucet. 
Glad to have a hubby that can fix these kind of things but,
 I hope next time he will think twice before he pulls things apart. 
Thank you Alan for letting me get the kitchen back together. 


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Ha! Made me laugh. I can so see myself waking up to the same type of ordeal and wondering how long I'd been asleep for. Guess that'll teach you for sleeping in. Happy you have a new faucet!! :)

The Lucas Gang said...

Oooo that looks purty. I may have to test it out... like I did the first one mwahahah