Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spare Room Make Over

Last April when Dallas got married his room became empty, well somewhat. I still have some food storage and we keep our sleeping bags up in the closet so they don't get buggies in them.
This is where my treadmill is and I bought a futon so when we have overnight visitors they have a place to sleep. I really wanted to have a bed in here and have the room all pretty and ready for guests. Due to lack of extra money I bought the futon on sale and this is what guests will use for a while. 
Alan finally got the bug to start fixing it up to. The room had been lived in for almost 7 years by a teenage boy. This room and our master bathroom are the only rooms that have never been painted. The room had black marks, some holes that needed patched and a coat of Kills to block out the different colors and stains. Alan started working on the room on Saturday morning before he went to work. 
I will post pictures as it progresses.
 We hope to get a actual bed in here after it is painted and make it more inviting and pretty! 
 I have been wanting to do some DYI or OURSELVES (hubs and me) project of some kind. Glad he got the bug without me pestering him. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo 

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The Lucas Gang said...

OOO YAY! I am excited to see it.