Monday, November 12, 2012

Pantry Challenge Week # 3

Joining in on the Pantry Challenge over at Real Mom Nutrition 
The shopping was done on Saturday and went well due to I didn't have to do it. 
I haven't been wanting to be out lately so this was great. 
After hubby offered to go do it I made a detailed list with information such as:
Bread (if under $1.38) meaning I had already gone through lost leaders to get the lowest prices.
This was the grocery shopping for this week
 Now the milk was not on the list. I had been making milk from our food storage supply due to the fact that
when we have milk from the store it gets drank WAY too fast.
I was in need of stocking up on some lunch supplies too. 
The 2 rotisserie chickens were $3.62 each and they are so yummy from Winco. They were dinner & lunch ( snack time for Alan before he went to bed ) and there is still a little left over.
 The total came out to $52.34. A little more but I think it was good.
These are peppers from my garden this week. YUMMY! 
How did you do this week on groceries? 
Next week is Thanksgiving so there will be extras to buy but we now have 2 turkeys so there is a big savings there. 
Hugs, Bobbi Jo