Friday, November 30, 2012

Picture Download Friday

I decided that I will have download Friday on my blog
I love taking pictures even though I am not a great photographer but I do enjoy it taking pictures.
Now for this weeks download:
Talmage (he wasn't thrilled about his this, as you can see)
He made the moose antlers at pre-school . I love them and he is such a sweet cute moose.
Faith giving me the cross eyed stare 
Gabby with her mustache 
 Gabby giving the creeper face
 E'lyse as a Subway Unicorn 
 Bean bag pile up with E'lyse and Gabby
 E'lyse at ASU for the state playoff game .
E'lyse is a volunteer for the sports teams First Aide Team
The football teak went to state and won. 
E'lyse was so excited to be there. 
 I was behind this school bus when I noticed it's pretty star lights
I want star lights on my van! 
Hope you enjoyed Friday's downloads. 
Come back tomorrow for Pink Saturday.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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