Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Morning

I wake up this morning at 4:45 with my bodies alarm clock going off to a wonderful overcast day.Now if we can all get together and do a amazing rain dance I would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you for all your sweet and some funny comments about my boo boo. I am typing better with it. I put a little bit smaller bandage on the top so I can hit the letter P better. I got busted this morning. Let me back up a minute first. Yesterday Coco, Kyle and Talmage moved back in with us. They want to have their house on the market by July 6th. Yesterday Coco came over and tried to help me. She said I get distracted too easily by sparkly things, yesterday it was music I was dancing too while packing boxes. I made it a lot funner ,believe me! So back to this morning I was starting to rinse dishes that the girls didn't do last night to load the dishwasher and Coco caught me. I had to stop.OOPS! My finger is feeling better and is now a light purple pink instead of a blood red and the dishes were driving me crazy!
  After my work out yesterday (weight lifting for my legs) I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk this morning. But my legs are not too bad. When I go down the stairs they feel like jello it is kind of cool. It will be so worth it when I have tone, non jiggle thighs. Unfortunately they say women don't see the changes until the 12Th week of the workouts. I think of where I could be had I not hurt my knee and I'm just glad I was able to get back on the fitness wagon again. My energy is great and I am feeling more confidence it what I can do.
Hubby had a job this morning and this afternoon get's his tooth pulled that has been bothering him. This is a really good thing. He is planning on getting off the caffeinated soda. He get's the bad headaches and to be honest a little cranky when he does this. So with the tooth being pulled they will have him on loopy meds again and he can sleep through most of it! Works for me and the family!!
 One more thing as of today it is 100 Days till Christmas
I better get off and get some homeblessings done this morning before people get up. Hope you all have a great day. It's gonna be a great one here! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Scrappy Girl said...

Today is going pretty good here too...the house is clean...Real Housewives pt. 2 tonite...TOPS weigh in at 6...all good!

Jaclyn said...

Glad your finger is getting better! It's raining up here in Pinetop so I hope it rains for you!
100 days until Christmas... that's crazy.

Pearl said...

Long-time stalker, first-time commenter, but I'm glad your finger's feeling better!


The Blonde Duck said...

Oh God. 100 days until Christmas? Eeek!