Sunday, June 21, 2009

Making My Home Sing And Menu Plan Monday

If you go on over to Christians blog Moms The Word you can read all about this weekly event that she hosts. She has wonderful thoughts to share.
How will I make my home sing for this week is easy. I am going to be happy with all that I have. To not want more, to do what I can do in one day at one time and be happy with what I am able to get done. Life goes by too fast to deal with stress on a daily basis.

Menu Plan Monday over at I'm An Organizing Junkie's blog you can get intouch with over 200 different menus of other bloggers.
For this weeks menu and in no particular order:
Crockpot chicken
Wild rice
Cucumbers w/dip

Flank steak
Double bake potatoes

Chicken pesto

Spaghetti Carbanaro
Garlic bread
Green beans

Roast grilled chicken
Roasted veggitables

Date Night

My Birthday Dinner-Maybe out for Mexican Food.
  Have a great day! Hugs, Bobbi Jo


VICKI IN AZ said...

O I love this!! Thank you so much. Do you make yourself a sign and post it so you remember this all week?
These are the perfect things to sing.
Do you do your grocery shopping on Monday?
You are an inspiration.

The Laurel lesson went fantastic!! I am truly humbled. The lesson was on forgiveness. There are no coincidences as you know. If you have time check out my other blog which I don't put out there much because I don't want the Teenagers to read it. This lesson was so great and on Father's Day. As I said, no coincidences!
Great Big Hugs to YoU TOO!

Scrappy Girl said...

I am doing pretty good in the house keeping portion of my job this week...woohoo! I love getting caught up. It is so hard to clean in the summer with so many fun activities calling my name!

This Country Girl said...

Bobbi Jo,

This is very inspirational. I've been working on being content on a day to day basis too. I like the idea of one thing accomplishing in a day and being content with what I accomplished. Your menu sounds great and I love Mexican favorite! Hope you enjoy your birthday dinner!


Small House said...

Hi Bobbi! I'm having a great time catching up on all the blogging that I'm missing out on.

As usual, you're the mother of the year for dinner at your house.
Have a good day.