Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extreme Makeover:Me Edition

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This week's question:

What's your favorite beauty secret?
I guess my favorite beauty secret that has taken me years to realize is to take the time to take care of myself. Daily we give of our selves to our families, work and communities and we leave us for last. We need to take time for ourselves to do our hair, make-up, pedicure & manicure, in other words to pamper ourselves to make us feel beautiful. This also may include taking time for a hobby that we put on the back burner this can make us feel better about ourselves that turns into self-confidence and feeling beautiful. I think that a good percentage of beauty comes from self-confidence no matter what size we are or what the scale says we weigh.
Personal experience from Bobbi Jo: for many years I put off exercising regularly to take care of the family and cleaning and I have ended up over weight and depression set in. Now I may not be a size 5 like when I got married but I do take the time for myself and exercise and I am shrinking (slowly) and the depression is eased a lot.
So this is my beauty secret for today's edition of Extreme Makeover: Me Edition
As far as filling in on how I am doing eating is going good. I started making myself eat breakfast again. That is a tough one because I wake up at 5 and get busy with the day and then all of the sudden it is 10 and I am starving and realize I haven't eaten yet.
On the exercise front I am doing the P90X with Tony Horton , I am bike riding with my girls and trying to just keep active. I am going to up this with more time on my treadmill. It has gotten a bit warm here to be outside walking unless it is really early in the morning or at night and these don't seem to work out for me. So I will squeeze in a a walk during the midday.
As of yesterday from the start of the New Year, time off for knee injury and starting back up I have lost a total of 20.2 lbs. I don't see it so much as feel it. But yeah for me!
I will continue with the exercising, drinking my water,eating healthy, and doing what makes me feel beautiful. Have a great day. Hugs, Bobbi Jo
P.S. Not as sore as I thought I would be today. Maybe I didn't work out hard enough?


Ham N Cheese said...

How do you ever not feel beautiful? YOu Are one of the prettiest ladies I know, both inside and out!!! We are WAY to hard on ourselves as women!

Connie said...

My greatest beauty secret is loving what God gave me, sweetpea! I used to not like my looks so much but now I'm just plain happy to be me! I've adjusted to the fact that I'll never be Sophia Loren or Elizabeth Taylor but I am beautiful to Jack and that's what matters the most to me. He loves me no matter what I look like in the morning and I've realized that means much more to me than what others think of me. My heart is my true beauty and if people could just see my heart they'd know how beautiful I truly am.

Kristina P. said...

I am HORRIBLE with taking my makeup off at night. Which just can't happen anymore, now that I'm in my 30s. I'm sure the wrinkles will be springing up!

Scrappy Girl said...

Sounds like you are doing great girlie! You are an inspiration! Manga Dork and I are going to TOPS tomorrow to begin our summer weight loss journey. I tried to start a few weeks ago...but things just got in the way. Not this time though...

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Tony Horton's dvd is hard! You go girl!! 20+ lbs. is amazing. Keep up the good work!

I love your beauty secret. You are 100% spot on with that one.

Good luck this week.

Much love from NJ,

Vivienne said...

I think that is a great tip... to make time for ourselves. You're doing great!

Jaclyn said...

Thanks for the reminder! And I think you are doing great!