Wednesday, June 3, 2009


When I was younger befor I met hubby I had a passion for shoes, purses and accessories. I had studied Fashion Merchandizing and loved all the variety out in the world. When I got married I had over 120 pairs of shoes with matching purses. All different colors, styles and designs. After I got married and then became mom my shoes weren't that important but, I have never lost my passion for shoes. My favorites are pumps. They make me feel so feminine just like an apron does. Today Faith needed church shoes being that her foot has grown a size and a half in less than 2 weeks. So we went to Payless. They are having their BOGO sale. No I haven't bough new dress shoes in over 2 years. I walk down the iles and these jumped out at me
I love these. I had a pair like this in high school that I wore with my AFJROTC uniform. They are very comfy.
  Then I went over and helped out Faith with her shoes. She wanted to look around a little bit longer so I went looking in my size again and found these
 Oh, what is not to love about these sassy red heals. They just screamed out my name and now are in my closet.
I got one more pair, but you have to wait till Saturday to see them. You will never guess what color they are.
My shoe fetish is filled for a while at least. 
Hope you are having a great evening. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Scrappy Girl said...

Those are SO cute...especially the red ones. Can't wait to see the ones on Saturday...if I could only figure out what color they are! haha!

Jaclyn said...

Gotta love shoes... and Payless! I think you beat out my sister-in-law Astrid when it comes to how many shoes and purses you used to own. Not sure, though :)

heather said...

I LOVE those red ones. Very sassy!

Small House said...

They are both a great looking shoe. But the red ones are just WILD! I LOVE THEM. I forget to go to Payless. I should get there this weekend. Or not....I might get a little excited. $$$$

Have a great day.

The Blonde Duck said...

I have a clothes fetish rather than shoes! Probably b/c my feet are so big!

Marie said...

I LOVE , LOVE the red ones....owwwww, HOTT-DANG!

Cherie said...

I am with everyone else I LOVE red shoes!
We would get along so great in the real life girl!! I just bought three new pairs of shoes myself this past week!

Shoe fetish?? Definately!!!

Have a GREAT weekend!