Sunday, June 21, 2009

Air Force Choice

Coco's husband and our son in love has enlisted in the Air Force on Thursday, June 18th. He got an 80% on his ASVAB which qualified him for just about any job he would want.

He decided to join in on special forces specifically with the SERE

Here is a description

A survival instructor is an instructor highly trained in Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) tactics. Survival instructors undergo intense training in the following areas: instructional methods and skills, wilderness living, shelter construction, fire building, map and compass navigation, backpacking, food and water procurement, wilderness medicine and basic first aid, signaling and rescue techniques, escape and evasion, and prisoner of war (POW) resistance techniques. You train in all major climactic conditions; arctic, desert, tropical, ocean, and temperate. Your main duty is training aircrew members and selected Department of Defense personnel in SERE techniques. This training is conducted in remote wilderness locations in all possible weather conditions. Survival Instructors are self-motivated go-getters responsible for teaching skills that save lives. You will be in a very physically, mentally, and technically demanding career field facing new challenges daily.'

There Logo happens to be "RETURN WITH HONOR". I think that is awesome.
From what we know as of now, Kyle will leave for BMT in late August, early September, where he will go through boot camp in Texas. He will then attend Tech School in Washington State for six months, where Coco and Talmage hope to join him. After his tech school he could be stationed anywhere, but will most likely stay in Washiongton and start instructing other individuals in wilderness survival, which includes sucking out rabbit eyes and wrestling spiders.

Coco and Talmage will be moving back in with us while Kyle goes to boot camp and they will be renting out their house. So if you know of anyone that wants to live in a 6month old beautiful house with finish landscaping in Queen Creek, Arizona contact us via email.
We hate the thought of them not living near us but are so proud of Kyle and how well he has done. Hugs, Bobbi Jo


Scrappy Girl said...

Wow! What a big change that will be! Sounds like an adventure for him and his little family.

JackandJaneyNichols said...

That's awesome.....sucking out rabbit eyeballs??????

Connie said...

You give that man a big hug and kiss from this ol' lady, chick!! He is another one of my heroes. Can you please post a picture of him for me???? I want to salute him! Prayers are always said for the men and women who protect me, my family and my COUNTRY!! Hoorah for him

Nothing Too Fancy... said...

My Dad was career Air Force. He retired as a Master Sargeant after 23 years. It is a change in life- especially for children. But, I've never been one to think that Honor was easily won. I'm very proud to learn the name of another soldier. I know he'll serve us well.

Jacob and Meredith Hammond said...

I pick Kyle for my new wilderness survival partner! :-) I am so happy for him and Coco! Best wishes for the next few months!

Candy-Faith..... from Simply Pretty said...

Somehow came across your blog as Ive been blog hopping :) Thought Id say Hi :)