Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I had asked for a chicken coop for Mother's Day this year. Since Alan has been busy with work and then having to work on his truck it just wasn't going to happen. Since I have decided to become a minimalist he didn't want to buy me anything that would add clutter and honestly I couldn't think of anything. I thought it was sweet of him to think of this in the first place. I am slowly bringing him over to the DE-CLUTTERED side.
 So he thought what would I like?...... To be with all of my kiddos. So we all met at Woods Canyon Lake (about 2 hours away from our home) and had a wonderful cookout after church.
The last family picture we had was supposedly professional (ha ha) was when Coco was pregnant with Naima. Well she is now 2 but I wanted something right now since we have added our sweet daughter in love , Sara to the family, Naima and now Coco is almost ready to have another daughter Kylia . Coco was sweet enough to set up the timer on her camera for the pictures. 
This is our family. 
Starting from the right: Me, Naima (2) Gabby (11) Alan, E'lyse (16), Faith (13), Dallas (19) Sara, 
Talmage (4), Kyle and last but certainly not least Coco (Kylia in her tummy :) )
 Look to the left.....
 Goofy faces ....
 The end!!! Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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The Lucas Gang said...

We had so much fun with you guys! Thanks for inviting us, we should do it again soon. (maybe an all day event, meet early have lunch go fishing, play games.... crap lets just go camping.)