Friday, May 4, 2012

Take My Clutter Away

So it is Friday and it has been a long week of a lot of waiting. I am not a patient person and my family can verify that fact. 
This morning I got tired of looking at the mess our garage that I have made due to the minimalism journey I am on. 

This is the back of my van. These boxes are full of books that I am taking to 
Half Price books to sell.  I still have some more shelves I need to go through in the house but I have always loved books and so this is a big step for me to let go of these.
I went into my closet this morning and saw this box that has been under my clothes for a while. Obviously due to the embedded ring on the carpet to the left of it.
Anyway I was reading an article on a blog yesterday about getting rid of clothes that you are hanging on to for "SOMEDAY". You know that some day when you wear that size again, some day when that comes back in style again." Well I got rid of my someday things today 
 This is the bag of the "someday" things that I got rid of. 
Feels so good to empty out a container that you don't have to look at to remind you of that "fantasy you ". 

More talk about the "Fantasy You"
I had read a blog post (I wish I could remember what blog it was to give credit where credit is do) that was talking about letting go of the fantasy you. The post spoke to me so clearly that I thought the writer was talking to me directly. You know the you that you thought you would be! Still confused let me clarify. One Fantasy Me was the great chef. So I bought all these amazing cooking gadgets, pans and tools to cook with. Yes I have to admit I am a good cook but I don't use have the stuff I bought or have.
The Fantasy You fitness buff: the weights, the yoga mat, the gabillion DVD's, the treadmill that collects dust in the garage or you hang clothes from.
 Or the Fashion Diva Fantasy You: Great clothing that is form fitting, shoes & purses to match each outfit, along with the costume jewelry to got with each outfit. 
How do I know about these ones? Well guess what they were the Fantasy Me but NO MORE!!!
I am who I am and I am loving being simple and getting clutter free. Mentally, physically, and even Spiritually.
It is feel great and I still have so much to do.

 I then loaded things into the back seat of the car
 closer look of what was on the floor board
I had already packed up stuff in the trunk of the car. 

I should have taken a picture of all the stuff in the garage before I took it out but once I got started I didn't want to stop the flow of energy on putting it in. 
 Gabby and I then drove to Goodwill and dropped off the items for some other people to buy, use and hopefully love.
So much more I want to go through but I must get other things done in my life but there will be more. 

 If you are inspired or have something you want to share I would love to hear from you.
 Hugs, Bobbi Jo


The Lucas Gang said...

Holy Moly, Look at you go girl!
One thing I had read before and I want to say it was from The Money Saving Mom's Budget book, but to spend some time and contemplate the things that matter most to life and things you want to accomplish, and from there you will know the things that are important enough to keep.

Megan said...

cleaned out my closet, master bathroom, under my bed and one linen closet all thanks to your inspiration! Keep these posts coming, I love them!
Also,I got rid of all of my maternity and bigger sized clothes-- I had been holding onto them in case I gained weight, but that is a negative way at looking at life so good riddance!!!